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Dashboard Reflection on Windshield

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Last week, as I was in Sacramento working on recalling Newsom and electing Caitlyn Jenner as the next Governor, I noticed that there was a terrible reflection on my windshield.



Right before my very eyes, was the Krispy Kreme I got for free because I had a vaccine card.


Erik Estrada, who was riding in the 3rd row, behind the tinted windows, said that his cousin Stevie might know a guy.  So we headed over to NYC to see what's up.


Stevie's guy was up in Calgary, and couldn't enter The US, because Canada hasn't vaccinated him yet.  The only thing to do was go over there.  He had the fix.  He had this spy coating for the glass which eliminated the glare and reflection 100%.



Now my windshield looks like this.



By now, Bruce Penhall was getting grumpy.  His wife kept calling, and nagging him about what time he was getting home.










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Oh, you should definitely talk to some companies about inventing some anti-reflective coating or film that can be applied to the windshield to improve forward visibility and reduce interior glare and reflections! Transit Connect owners are just scrambling for market share in that product segment.

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I got an inexpensive camera set from eBay.  I mounted it on the roof, right above the windshield, centered approximately with the steering wheel.  The drivers side viewpoint corresponds with the OEM backup camera on the drivers side above the license plate.  Since the windshield was already blacked out, I used duct tape and secured the power cable right down the windshield edge in the groove where the weather seal is, slips right alongside the hood hinge, and to the fuse box.  To run the RCA cable for the video feed, I drilled a hole through the roof and headliner.  I mounted the screen on the dashboard right in front of the steering view, to simulate what I would see if the windshield weren't spray painted black. 


Now the only problem is that it's a backup camera, with a reverse screen image.  I have to turn left when I want to turn right.  



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