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Vinyl Sheet Flooring over factory carpet?

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We're starting our van build, much like others have mentioned, everything we do will have to be reversible in the event that we ever want to sell the van.

Has anyone ever installed vinyl sheet flooring over the factory carpet? I'm thinking this might be a nice feature, because under the platform bed/box we're building, we will want storage boxes etc... The vinyl flooring will be easier to clean and allow for sliding storage boxes in and out more easily. My thought is that I could do minimal modification or damage and not add much volume, by using sheet underlayment, tucking it under tightly and then installing the vinyl sheet flooring with minimal adhesive to the underlayment. I'm not sure this will work. 

Any suggestions?

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In case anyone was curious, I ended up just gently pressing the vinyl flooring under the plastic and using a staple gun. It is pretty secure and once we get the platform built I think it will be a tighter and more secure for sliding storage boxes etc... 





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Posted (edited)

You may find the vinyl not stiff enough to overcome the soft carpet and the corners of your storage boxes will dig in.Vinyl can get"sticky" when hot.

You may need a piece of 1/2 or 3/8 plywood in between.

A thicker piece of plywood would also give you a secure base to build your platform.

I used just plywood over my cargo mat and cut 3/4x3/8x4 ft "slides" from some scrap Trex to mount on the bottom of the boxes.They slide so well that I had to mount latches to keep them closed when I accelerate.


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