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dirt huffer

Installing hammock in van

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I've heard of several ppl putting hammocks in their van to sleep on. I cant figure out where ppl are attaching the hammock at the front. Does anyone have pictures?

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This probably won't really help you a whole lot since I have my headliner pulled out completely (cargo van, so only had front headliner). But, here's where I have my hammock hooked onto in the van, it goes front-passenger to rear-driver because my hammocks are all 10ft long - a 9ft one would fit a lot better, but I wasn't about to buy one specifically for the van. There's a few things that I have planned that needed the headliner out, so I figure I'll just leave it out and the hammock hanging until I get around to these projects (like custom rails on the roof, insulation inside, etc). 





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