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Don Ridley

Audio pre-amp output and HD radio upgrade: FAIL x2

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The Transit Connect premium factory audio head unit (Audio Control Module, ACM) for the TC comes in two configurations that I have identified: with Sat and HD Radio and without Sat and HD. I wanted to upgrade my ACM to HD radio. I read numerous posts on the F150, Fusion and Escape forums that showed this was possible. I would need a new ACM and need to reconfigure its programming using Forscan. But my TC is configured with the small center console LCD display and the successful upgrades were made with vehicles that had the larger display.

Here are some of the forum threads I used. Livinitup at the F150 forum decoded the ACM configuration. His spreadsheet is the Forscan modification bible.







I found a used ACM for $100. The units are the same for 2014-2017 (maybe 2018?) TCs. Sat/HD units are easily identified by a HD radio logo on the label and an extra antenna connection for Sat radio. SAT/HD units have a “C” suffix in the part number:

Standard unit DT1T-19C107-Ax

Sat/HD unit DT1T-19C107-Cx (CA,CB etc..)

The F150 spreadsheet in general is not useful for Focus, TC and Escape owners because most of the functions in our cars use Central Configuration to make changes. But the ACM is a stand-alone module and you can change by manually editing data bits in each memory location (register) like the F150 and Fusions. The spreadsheet shows configurations for the standard ACMs and the Sony premium ACMs (not available for the TC). After a lot of research I saw there were a couple of key registers in HD radios that were different from my ACM. Long story short, I installed the new ACM and changed the following:

727-01-01        x8xx xxxx xxxx  change to  x0xx xxxx xxxx (8=no HD, 0=HD radio)

All other registers were tested with the original and the new  ACM config without any difference in function. They likely relate to Sat radio functions and that is turned “off” in the original configuration by the first bit in 727-01-01  Xxxxx xxxx xxxx. My ACM config:

Does it work? Maybe. The small LCD display does not appear to have the ability to display the “HD” radio icon when an HD station is identified. HD radio units will automatically play stations in HD or analog depending on what’s available. If the HD signal is too weak the station switches to analog. If I ever hear this switch I will know the HD radio is working. There are no DTCs and all radio functions work.

FYI, the various forums noted that ACMs were made by Sony and Sanyo. The circuity in the TC ACM has no manufacturer markings. The controller chip on the CD drive is made by Pioneer. If you added a Sat radio antenna you could find the ACM sat radio serial number and subscribe.


DanMc85 at the 2G Fusion forum found the ACM can be configured with pre-amp outputs for the audio signals.


727-01-01 xx0x xxxx xxxx  change to  xx5x xxxx xxxx

I tested this with my existing speaker level inputs into my amp and the change reduced the signal going into the amp. So I rewired the amp using the RCA inputs. But the new low level signal is too low. The amp did not have enough gain to amplify the signal properly. The ACM in the TC is different from the one’s used in the F150 and Fusion. The pre-amp signal is not 4V. I saw a recent post where someone else had the same problem and measured the signal at 0.5V.

This modification does not work.

Final note: These modifications are safe because you are only changing the ACM. It is a simple, stand alone module that is probably impossible to brick and replacements are cheap.  Many of the ACM settings in the spreadsheet don’t apply to the non-Sony ACM used in the TC.









ACM final_new HD.jpg

HD ACM .png

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very interesting, I have a 2016 with the HD/SAT/NAV radio.  In 2017 they went to the Sync3 which I thought was a Sony.  Im not sure what manufacture mine is but its the MyTouch version.

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HD radio update:

The HD radio works but the small display is not programmed to display the HD radio status. I learned that some stations have HD 1 and HD 2 stations on the same frequency. I tuned to one station, 94.7 and got the normal station in HD. Then I pressed the + tuner button once. It switched to a new station but the display still shows 94.7. This must be the HD 2 station.


I stored both and can navigate to them with the presets. So it is possible to tune to the secondary HD stations. But you need to know they exist because they don't always tune in immediately and it takes several tries to initially acquire them.

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