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Radio reception/ how to keep SYNC in aftermarket

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I have a 2012 TC radio with the USB input.  Reception was decent for years but recently has

diminished to the point of I don't really get any AM stations and only a few FM stations intermittently.

(I'm in a NYC suburb where I should get the 50kw AMs and two-3 dozen FM stations at least).

My thought was that the antenna had become disconnectd from the radio, but I just did the work to 

pull the unit out and the antenna is connected solidly.

I don't know how to check the other end for connectivity or something broken between the antenna and cable.

Or do I just conclude the radio has died, and go for an aftermarket.  

But afraid I will lose the AUX and sync functionality....does any aftermarket radio allow you to keep that functionality?

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Aftermarket radios are usually better equipped than OEM. 

So search for in-dash receivers. You'll probably need a 2-DIN (or 1-DIN if you opt for the cheaper ones) adapter plate in place of your original one. You can also have a reverse camera if you get one with a large LCD.

Random high end: http://www.kenwood.com/usa/car/navigation_multimedia/dnx874s/

or low end: http://www.kenwood.com/usa/car/receiver/kmm-108u/


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 . . . . or, you could buy an OEM radio just like the one you have now on eBay for probably less than $50

When folks 'upgrade' the OEM radios they pull out are worth very little, not matter how high tech they are because there are probably 20X as many people upgrading as there are people looking for older OEM radios


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And then there are purists who have a modern system (Bluetooth, USB, digital receiver) built in their ancient radios with no visible difference. I like that.

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