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  1. I had a 4 door wrangler back in 2009 and it was sweet. This go round, I didn’t really consider it, because it’s out of my budget, and I don’t need the room, and wanted a smaller more nimble trail runner than that. Though the long wheelbase makes a Cadillac ride in the desert. But the little one rides right nice too.
  2. Yeah, this opens up a lot of options for me, one of them being a more fun DD. I’m also slowing down my motorcycle riding after 30 years on 2 wheels, and this lets me get to the places I enjoy without breaking another leg, knee, back etc. The wife enjoys off roading, but doesn’t ride, so she can come along now, and so can buddy the wonder dog. I’ll check back in every now and again.
  3. No, i don't like climbing up a ladder at my size with bad knees. ill likely go back to a ground tent for a little while, and maybe do a teardrop trailer build, or possibly a utility trailer/box with a rooftop tent low slung just on top of the rails. that way i can use a portion of the utility trailer as a "porch"
  4. sold my 2016 transit connect cargo LWB but the buyer didnt want the camper conversion i made for the interior. this unit will slide in the rear doors of any 2014+ LWB cargo and give you a 4'x6'6" bed, and storage underneath. cushions are 4" thick and firm upholstery foam, covered in grey tweed. solid baltic birch ply construction with vinyl flooring, and the all wood is coated in clear polyurethane (3-4 coats all sides). the deck is covered with dark grey hull liner. very nice unit and makes a sweet little camper rig. installs and removes with 4 bolts. heres a link to my van's build thread. plenty of pics inside. http://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/6325-my-2016-connect-lwb-cargo-mini-camper-build/ the sale is only for the camper bed/storage insert, and cushions, and necessary hardware. $750
  5. sold the van today, should be getting picked up this week after the check shows up. will be selling the camper insert separately.
  6. Nothing new to report, just driving the wheels off it. 19.5k miles in a smidge over 8 months.
  7. yeah, i guess its 6 in one hand/half dozen in the other. eventually, this will have a full interior, interior lights, etc etc. but to hell with all the seats. its just me and the wife. if I'm being even more realistic with myself, i doubt ill have this van longer than 1.5 years, and ill be onto something else. it will likely never get fully finished.
  8. any pictures from the inside? what is the inside trim ring like?
  9. yeah, I'm an animal behind the wheel. or behind bars (motorcycle bars) for that matter. shoot, i didnt even stop to piss til kingman.
  10. My Gen2 has a rubber floor, and no pins for floor mats. his van has something none of the us delivery ones have, and thats a CLUTCH PEDAL!!!!! oh how i wish my van was manual transmission, and while theyre at it, put the escape suspension and AWD under it please..... KTHXBYE
  11. Colby C

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    lookin sharp.
  12. i have been there myself. im ok, one day without a shower, but by the end of the second day, I'm lookin for something, river, lake, shower, something to get wet and knock the sweat/dust/dirt off. baby wipes work in a pinch, and are better than nothing, but if theres a shower, I'm taking it.
  13. well, things got busy, and i was out of cell/wifi area a lot, so not much more to update. I'm home. had a good trip. the last day, wednesday, i left my sisters in eastern Oklahoma, and drove 1455 miles, straight thru, gas n go. 23 hours. so, heres the details y'all want.... 4809 miles 204.589 gallons $524.29 in fuel costs. so, 23.506 Mpg, towing a trailer, at 70+mph the whole time or 10.9 cents per mile in fuel im ok with that.
  14. I've been camping and driving, and or camping off a motorcycle for my whole life. I have near 15k miles on this van and it's 6 months and 3 days old. weve been staying at camp grounds, mostly KOA's as they're easy to pull in late, and usually have openings. The hot showers are definite bonus (don't forget your flip flops) night 3 we stayed in a army corps of engineers property, was neat, on a bayou, but man, the bugs were horrible, and the showers........ pass. But a cool spot to knock out for the night. Did 720 miles today. Only 60 or so more to go til overland expo east. Van is pulling the little trailer fine, it's got about 1600lbs of weight total behind it, and it tows it very well. Hammer down.