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  1. Damn it,. Seems I have the only van with no pins! Any suggestions of good ways to keep them in place appreciated lol
  2. Hi guys. Sorry I'm not sure if Gen1 or 2, it's a 66 plate which was last year. It has the vinyl floor and is squishy underfoot as well. Are most members from the US? only asking due to the comment about the clutch pedal lol Ok maybe I'll contact the mat company and ask for advice as I can see my floor getting worn and ripped after a while. Thanks guys.
  3. My van doesn't have the locking parts you guys mention. Hhhmmmm so would assume the mat would slide around.
  4. Hi, just wondering what mats people have used? There are no fixings to secure them so worried they will slip around.
  5. Mcfly

    Reversing light wire colour

    Top man thank you!
  6. Transit Connect 2016 Hi all. Really sorry if been asked before but can't find it. Installing a 3rd party backup cam and need wire it into the reversing light wire to power it. Found the loom fine but goes into a plug, so does anyone know which wire is the right one? Thank you