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  1. eddwal50

    2014 radio issue

    Had that radio issue 2 yrs ago static popping then radio would shut off finaly radio stopped working bought a used radio from a auto recycling yard no more problems
  2. eddwal50

    hill start issue

    have a strange issue while driving in damp weather the information display says hill start not available lights flash, bell goes off all while driving yet when stopped om a hill stop works any suggestions
  3. eddwal50

    Hep! Need to Remove factory roof bars 2014

    the roof rack rails are held in place with what ford calls crush nut the would have to be drilled out similar to what is used to hold the spare wheel carrier real in place
  4. My AM/FM CD player has died in search of a new/used unit for a 2014 transit connect anyone have one
  5. question I have a 2014 transit connect wagon the radio has died I will be replacing the radio with a stock am/fm with cd player does anyone know if radio needs programming or is it plug and play also where is the can bus located
  6. Just meet a man in N.H. who is buying transit connect vans from insurance companies and stripping the parts for resale currently he has 15 cargo versions 2014 to 2018 model years if looking for parts he is a good source Mark Dufresne exterior body works 1421 route 3A Bow N.H. www.exteriorbodyworks.com www.work-vans.com
  7. I have the thule roof rack installed I pulled the roof liner down then put a bolt thru hole pointing up added a nut and washer then installed the 3032 foot then another washer and nut I used all 5 sets of holes the only problem I had was the holes above the passenger doors for the 2nd row seats I sometimes have to move things like matresses and box springs for friends
  8. eddwal50

    spare tire reel 2014 connecr

    the reel is fucked turns out if you wind up the reel to far something in the reel breaks tried to lower the reel after putting weight on it reel turns cable does not move ford should have put a cable stop on the cable have purchased a used reel assembly will be replacing it on the weekend ford used 1/4 rivits to secure hose reel in place starting in 2014 thru 2018 vans so when I replace the reel I will add a cable stop
  9. eddwal50

    body parts

    there is a man in Bow N.H. who is buying Transit Connects and either selling parts or fixing them and selling them I connected with him while searching for a spare tire reel his contact info is www.EXTERIORAUTOPARTS.COM wwwWORK-VANS.com Mark Dufresne 1421 route 3a bow N.H. 03304 603 225 8185 if looking for body or interior parts it might be worth your time getting in touch with him he has 15 connect vans on his lot now all are commercial right now Ed Wallace
  10. eddwal50

    spare tire reel 2014 connecr

    stupid me got a blow out did not attach the blown out tire to the reel put in the van cargo area wound up the reel went beyond the limit stop now it is jammed might have to replace it
  11. eddwal50

    spare tire reel 2014 connecr

    anyone know how to replace the spare tire take up reel I removed my spare and over wound the cable stupid me
  12. eddwal50

    (Aftermarket) Roof Rack solved!!!

    I have a 2014 transit xlt I put 5 sets of thule 460 feet and 5 load bars did not have a problem mounting the feet above the 2 front seats I installed the bolts sticking up then used nuts with nylon inserts on top of thule foot
  13. eddwal50

    2014 radio issue

    I am also having a strange radio problem some times while the radio is playing I get a popping noise then all speakers go dead if I stop and turn engine off then on radio comes back on happens at the strangest time also today when it happened the second time I had to reset the clock and the day and date which idiot engineer added a day and date setting to the radio he needs a bitch slap
  14. eddwal50

    roof racks

    Thule roof racks
  15. Hi I have a 2014 transit LWB wagon I installed the Thule bars I used bolts with the bolt head on inside of van with nylon insert nuts found the rack was noisy without the wind deflector hope this helps