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  1. rfkavanagh

    voice command not "hearing" me

    I have the same year/model as you, and this happens to me ALL. THE. TIME. And it drives me insane. Sync will just decide it's done - the downtime can last for a few minutes, until the next time the car has been off for a day or two, or DAYS at a time. There are variations: sometimes it acts like it's working perfectly but just can't hear me even though it shows "listening" on the display. Other times it just stops responding entirely and refuses to show me display updates or allow me to use the menu for anything other than the radio. As of two days ago, a new wrinkle - the clock refuses to change. I can go into the clock display menu, manually change to the correct time, press ok, and... nothing. It just won't take the change. I swear, I love the car overall, but Sync is enough to have me consider changing it out for something other than a Ford. I'll probably never get a Ford again anyway after my experiences with their dealerships.
  2. Thanks, all - the "quick quote" from SafeLite is $270 - much better than I feared, assuming they stick to it when I make an actual appointment!
  3. Thanks, both - my TC also lives in the SoCal sun, but I only drive ~5k a year so it's still at less than 20k mileage (I bought it one year old and they'd already put ~10k on the odometer). I've never even experienced a windshield chip before, so having three giant cracks appear spontaneously is really perplexing and annoying, not to mention expensive since it's not covered by the warranty. Speaking of the warranty, mine's up at the end of the year and I need to bring it in to have the retractable scrim for the moonroof fixed (it got jammed up in itself and no longer works), plus the rubber safety guards on both rear doors melted off during our major heatwave. Anyone have any experience with getting fixes on the warranty? Was it a smooth process? Trying to arrange to have the door latch replaced as part of the recall was a nightmare so I still haven't had that done, either. Thanks!
  4. Has anyone had issues with their windshield cracking? I'm in a 2016 TC (Titanium LWB); I've never had this happen with any previous car - the front windshield now has three large, traveling cracks heading from the center toward each outer side of the car, all extending from whatever that bit is that comes down into the window where the rear-view mirror is. Nothing hit it - it was sitting in my driveway, and I think the heat may have had something to do with it. Now each day is a question of how much farther the cracks will extend and if it's going to actually break at some point. Is this a known issue or has it happened to anyone else? The warranty mentions windshield stress cracks but only covers them during the first 12 months. Any guide for how much it costs to replace a windshield?! Thanks!
  5. rfkavanagh

    Dog-Friendly Accessories/Modifications?

    Didn't realize just how long it had been since I posted this - sorry for not responding sooner! I finally took the plunge and bought my TC at the end of December, and I just today got around to taking out the rear seats and creating the Puppalace in the back. I've been using a smaller 30" crate for the last couple of months, bungee-corded in place on the laid-flat seats, but now they'll have much more room and available height, while still being safe (the new 42" crate is also bungee-corded in place, attached to the tie-downs in the floor). I'd never even heard of or thought of the idea of pets preventing medics from getting to their owner in the event of an accident and having to be restrained, or even killed. Good to know, but just the thought of it also completely freaked me out - thanks for that...
  6. I haven't bought my TC yet, but I'm planning to buy a LWB Wagon in the next 2-3 months (hoping to find a good end-of-year deal), and was wondering if anyone had made any dog-friendly modifications to the rear or had any recommendations for accessories. I have two dogs, but they're small (only 15-20 lbs each). I like the idea of them having plenty of room to roam in the back, but I also want them to be safe and don't want them to go flying through the windscreen in the event of an accident. (I'm also still torn between taking out the second- and third-row seats to get use of the full cargo area vs. just keeping the seats flat and installing a floor above them.) Anyone have any thoughts or success stories/cautionary tales (tails)?! Thanks!
  7. rfkavanagh

    Converted 2015 LWB Wagon into a Van

    Thanks to you both for your replies - I like the idea of having that extra 6" clearance, so I'd probably just default to removing both rows and telling everyone I can't give more than one person a ride at a time...
  8. rfkavanagh

    Converted 2015 LWB Wagon into a Van

    Hi Don - I've been looking at buying a Transit Connect for the past couple of months but was really struggling with the choice between Wagon and Van. I rarely have any need of guest seating, but I've still been very wary of committing to having none for those rare occasions when I might want to transport more than one passenger. This post makes me feel much better about the idea of going with a Wagon and essentially converting it to a van while always retaining the option of adding the seats back. Very much appreciate the info and details to help with the process! One question for you based on your alternate ideas for the multi-piece platforms. If I wanted an option to keep the second row seats in place while covering the third row cargo area, do you think it would work easily enough to change the split-point of the overall footprint? (E.g., two pieces of 47x52 and 57x26 instead of 47x30 and 57x48, or whatever the precise lengths would be to have the rear cargo plywood section end where the second row of seats begins.) Or are there varying floor levels underneath that would cause stability issues? I'm probably getting way ahead of myself and my capabilities, but you've inspired me!