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  1. Dan.. you repied to my 2012 rear seat set for sale.. Im sorry that I lost your email address. I finally found a box that will fit everything. Please email me again.. bomberjimm@att.net thanks!
  2. jimmbomb

    2012 Rear Seats for sale.

    Hey Dan... please email me again.... I found a box for the seats, and I dont have your email to reply too!! thanks.. JIM ps.. these seats are still available.. I am prepared to look into shipping.. But I dont have the bolts or the belts (left them in the van). thanks....
  3. I have a 2012 Rear Seat Set for sale. These came out of the van with less than 200 miles on them. They have been sitting in the garage.. partially covered. Never been wet. St Louis, Missouri... I may possible deliver within reason if we can make a deal. Please make me a reasonable offer with what the others on this site have been asking and selling for. Thanks.. I would like to sell locally or deliver within 100 miles. Im not prepared to ship these seats' thank you! bomberjimm@att.net
  4. Well... I was thisclose to getting the German mirrors... but close to 550$$ US...Ive changed my mind.. Dammmnnn wish they werent so much!
  5. jimmbomb

    Hubcaps for Sale

    Willie... I sent you a PM to request your email.. I need 1 and will do the deal!! thanks please reply soon... mine looks ugly with only 3.... Jim
  6. jimmbomb

    Wanted... one hubcap!!!

    Hi Willie.. thanks for your offer.. I sent you a PM requesting your email address... Id like to get it from you! thanks again and lets get this puppy started..!!! Jim
  7. well I rotated my tires at 8k and dammnded if I didnt lose a hubcap soon after.. So I am looking for 1 shipped to 63114 St Louis, MO///... write back if you have one to sell.. thanks..
  8. jimmbomb

    Rear bumper end covers

    you talking about the front cornor or the rear???
  9. Mine is a 2012 and it has the extendable visors that you speak of... You unhook it from it's hold-down clip, then you can slide the visor along the shaft probally about another 4-6 inches or so.. And you must slide it back in order to clip it back in the holder good luck finding them
  10. jimmbomb

    2010+ Ford Transit Connect Wiring Diagram

    thank you sir.... good info!!!
  11. jimmbomb

    Transit Audio Questions

    and what happened to your install pictures???
  12. jimmbomb

    2010 Transit Install

    nice pictures and cool video on how you got the stock HU out of there.. Thanks alot!!!
  13. jimmbomb

    3 WAY Speakers

    Hey bigaudiofanatic..... can you say how to remove the stock HU and hook up this KTP-445U?? If you can give insturctions.. then I'll do it!!! thanks...
  14. Ok, 103 west 43ed st.. Email sent to Trevor at fordparts Uk something... "Your inquiry has been successfully sent to the intended recipient. We will get back to you as soon as possible." Thanks.. and we shall see what happens.. thanks for all your help!
  15. 103w replied in part... "Also, if in your budget, there is always Trevor from Fordpartsuk. They are a Ford dealer in the UK that has supplied a few of us on this forum with European parts. Trevor would get the mirrors new from Germany. They would be the twin to what we use here in the US. Good Luck."" Now he can get the same mirrors that we have here in the US?? NOT the tall ones??? We have the short ones... and you got the tall ones... and you say that Trevor would get us the tall ones?? or the short ones?? Thanks 103west 43rd/////