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  1. Dave H

    Transmission Failures?

    Well, just got a call. Dealer says it was the belt tensioner and a front wheel bearing! Funny that they'd occur in tandem. Planned obsolescence? We'll see..........
  2. Dave H

    Transmission Failures?

    Well, with the US spec 2 liter,136 squirrel-er- horsepower engine, I'm not seeing it ever being zippy or responsive! Diesels have lots of torque for their size, even off idle. Unfortunately, the 2.0 is all we're offered over here, coupled to a 4 speed auto. A manual would be nice!
  3. Yeah, replacement with a manual was one of my first questions! But my van's still under warranty, so I'd guess that that would be considered an unacceptable modification and void the warranty. Don't think I'd be having these troubles with a stick!
  4. Dave H

    Transmission Failures?

    I checked the fluid regularly- at every service. Last time (40,000), I thought it might be a bit discolored, but at that point, everything was fine otherwise, and figured the rag might be discolored. Now it smells kind of burned to me, too.The manual states that the trans doesn't consume fluid, but to check it if it shifts slowly, slips or you see leakage. I had no symptoms beyond the noises- the drone was getting so loud at times that I could barely hear the radio- not that the stereo gets very loud, though. I prefer manuals because they will invariably outlast the vehicle. I might have to do a clutch, but the trans itself will last much longer vs an auto, both being properly maintained. If you do a fluid change, let us know the results!
  5. Dave H

    Transmission Failures?

    Well, I am posting on the trans failure thread! At a little over 41,000 miles, mine started to make a strange hum when accelerating. This was accompanied by a droning noise at steady throttle. Only other symptom was one instance that it engaged drive slowly. Dealer says they think it's the trans- goes in the shop Monday. Mine is mostly highway driven with moderate loads. Heaviest I have ever had it was taking it to the dump- a nick under 4500 with trash and my tools. Seems like they should hold up to that! Wish they'd offer a manual in US-spec Transits. I hate automatics anyhow. Dave
  6. Damn! Guess I was lucky. I got 41000 miles out of pads on mostly highway driving-and I thought that was poor! Dave
  7. Dave H

    Brake wear

    Just replaced my front pads at 41,000 and change. Mostly highway driving with a moderate load! I thought only Government Motors half tons got brake wear that poor! Pads were DONE- less than 1/32 left Got lucky and caught it in time! Dave
  8. Dave H

    Continental Tire life

    Yeah, I am just musing about some way to get away from the stinkin' Conti's! I have NEVER had tires which picked up this much road debris in 40 years of driving! Plenty of other light trucks running XL passenger tires over hundreds of thousands of miles. Just find the number of flats really annoying and wish there were other people making this size tires. Guess now I understand why the wifes Chrysler with Conti's was equipped with the self-sealing ones!
  9. Dave H

    Continental Tire life

    Willie, are you in the states or EU? I was considering going to a P215/65/15 standard load. That has a 95 service description, so should carry the load, and there are many tires available in that size. I'm still wondering how the lower inflation pressures would affect the TPMS, though. I am getting good wear out of the Conti's- especially considering how often they are run underinflated!
  10. Dave H

    Continental Tire life

    I have just repaired my 5th- that's right 5th flat tire in the Contis on my TC. This is in 40,000 miles! The slightest road hazard or piece of debris seems to puncture them. Only other tires that size I can find are Michelins which are LR C. Anybody know of any other tires that will meet the service description? Also would changing sizes and thus inflation pressures mess with the TPMS? That is just another piece of federally mandated crap that I don't need or want!
  11. Does anyone out there know if there are heavier struts available for the TC? I think that would vastly improve body lean when cornering. The sway bar looks kinda wimpy, so I'm thinking a higher spring rate up front is about all I can do to improve handling but maintaining cargo capacity and utility. After 3-1/2 years, that's the only real gripe I've got with the toy van! Dave
  12. Dave H

    Wind noise

    If the noise is only when you have the ladder on, try shooting the ladder rungs full of spray foam. That'll quiet it right down and keep wasps and the like from nesting in the rungs! I have a Prime design rack on mine and it makes a little wind noise with the rack alone. Moving it back on the roof helped. Dave
  13. I use my Transit as my work truck and daily driver. Still prefer my Super Duty, but with gas near $4 here, the van gets more use. I guess this is what Obama and his buddies want- can't wait till they force me into an electric Transit-not! Dave
  14. I run a small carpentry sub and handyman business. Love my Transit. I built shelves for the back to maximize floor space. I put one of the Prime Design Aluracks on it which I use when I need to carry a few sheets of rock or plywood- that's the only real drawback I've found. That and a 4x4 version would be nice sometimes! Oh, and the stereo sucks! I also thought about Sprinters, but cost ruled them out pretty quick! Dave
  15. Around here, there atre too many FM stations for that to work in any of my vehicles. Try getting a 1/8" stereo cable and plugging into the aux input- works great in my Transit! At least now that the bluetooth issue is fixed. Dave