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Leak on a 2016 TC LWB Titanium

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I seem to have a leak on my TC. It happens occasionally, usually when the car is parked nose down or when I'm driving and turn sharply. The water seems to leak down from where the roof liner meets the top of the windshield. It leaks onto the rearview mirror, then drips down onto the radio and touchscreen. I've heard it could be the windshield seal, the antenna seal, or leaks from the stock roof rails. Has anyone experienced this before? I just want a starting point before I take it in to get fixed at the dealership.

Also, the water feels very slightly oily, which seems odd to me.

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When it rains heavy, I've seen the same thing.  


Your 3 year bumper to bumper warranty is expired.  Dealership will charge you for bringing van in, taking apart the headliner, to look for the leak.  Then they will quote you for repairs.  


On a Transit Connect, water can leak at the plastic caps.  Those little black caps are not waterproof. You can order a new set of plastic plug caps.  Or just lift off the existing caps.  Apply a ring of silicone around the hole, and reset the caps or install new caps.  


If you look at the channel, the roof panel and the body meet.  There's a seam.  Water could leak from anywhere on along the seam which runs front to back. You can try to seal off the seam with silicone.  Apply silicone along the length of the seam.  Try to clean off excess while pushing the silicone into the crevice with a plastic tool.  


The antenna is possible.  The antenna is suppose to be sealed by compression.  Reach up and check it.  Is it loose?  Tighten it down.  You can remove the antenna, apply silicone around the hole, and re-install the antenna.  


On some cars, there is a drain tube which allows water between the roof and headliner to drain.  It usually runs down the "a pillar".  Those are known to clog.  Solutions can be to replace the tube, or blow it out with compressed air.  


As for the windshield...... the best thing to do is remove the windshield, then reinstall with a new gasket.  Some shops use a generic gasket seal maker.    



412mhkKsnKL._SL1002_.jpgVersachem 75009 Flowable Windshield Silicone - 1.5 oz.71fX-7A7eVL._AC_SL1500_.jpg

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