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  1. I seem to have a leak on my TC. It happens occasionally, usually when the car is parked nose down or when I'm driving and turn sharply. The water seems to leak down from where the roof liner meets the top of the windshield. It leaks onto the rearview mirror, then drips down onto the radio and touchscreen. I've heard it could be the windshield seal, the antenna seal, or leaks from the stock roof rails. Has anyone experienced this before? I just want a starting point before I take it in to get fixed at the dealership. Also, the water feels very slightly oily, which seems odd to me.
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    Hi from west Michigan

    Ohh lets see. The MGM had 2010 Mustang GT wheels with REALLY sticky Pirelli tires, dual flowmaster exhaust, upgraded intake, and P71 suspension (mostly to keep the ass from sagging, but it helped with handling too). It still wasnt fast or track ready by any means, but it was great for cruising and sounded awesome!
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    Hi from west Michigan

    I'm happy to introduce myself and my New 2016 TC Titanium LWB. My wife and I recently had a daughter so we needed a family hauler. Only 16k miles on the clock when we bought her in mid January. She's a beaut! We are very happy with her so far and have decided to name her Vanna Gray. Leather seats, Sync 3 with navigation, trailer package. Now I need something to tow! I look forward to keeping her nice and clean, plus a few tasteful modifications. And here is what I traded in. My 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis that I had for 9 years. I loved that car but we needed something with more space and that gets better MPG.