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Multiple ABS DTC's

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I have a company 2013 Transit Connect that has multiple ABS module codes stored, and a PCM code; also, I  have the Traction Control and airbag lights come on intermittently at random times. Hopefully someone on here has had a similar set of issues, and can point me in the right direction, I really don't wanna have to make a dealer service department appointment to get this sorted out.


ABS Codes:

C0044-28: Brake Pressure Sensor "A". Signal Bias Level Out of Range/Zero Adjustment Failure

C1137-34: (ABS) Electronic Control Unit failure: Signal Plausibility Failure

U3003-16: Battery Voltage: Circuit Voltage Below Threshold

C1109-64: Speed Control Actuator Assembly Cable Release Failure: Signal Plausibility Failure

C0063-64: Yaw Rate Sensor: Signal Plausibility Failure

C0064-01: Roll Rate Sensor: General Electrical Failure

C0063-01: Yaw Rate Sensor: General Electrical Failure


PCM Code:
P0297: Vehicle Overspeed Condition: No Sub Type Information <- Not sure what this code is overall, van never gets over ~75MPH.

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Clear the codes , Good scan tool or forscan, Test ride . Recording data from ABS Module

Keep us posted


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