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Issues with plastic panel on sliding door coming loose

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I know that Ford issued a recall for the 2014 model year for this reason -- the plastic panels on the sliding doors coming loose due to improper installation.


I recently purchased a 2016 TC XLT LWB Cargo, and have now found that the passenger side sliding door has this very issue.  Nearly the entire top of the panel has separated from the door frame.  Naturally it lets in water and you can see light through the gap very easily.  It is also noisy over bumps as the panel rattles around a fair bit.  I know Ford originally recalled these due to the separation of the panel being dangerous, as they had a number of cases where the panel came off during driving.


My question to the group is this:  Have you had issues like this on your TC?  I'm very doubtful Ford will offer to repair mine for free as it's out of warranty at over 72,000 miles.  I'm thinking I'll have to go to a glass shop to get it repaired, but wasn't sure how easy or expensive that would be, so again, looking for any experience anyone has had with this topic.




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I would go to a glass shop and get a piece of glass installed.

I had that done on my 2016 last year for about $100 and it made backing out of driveways and parking spots much less challenging.

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The sliding door recall was for the door latches themselves, not the plastic panels. The latch stopped working and the door would actually open. Happened to my 2015.


There's also been a more recent issue with the panoramic roof panels on the titanium versions coming loose.


If the problem you are having is the subject of a recall, Ford does the repair at no cost even if the vehicle is out of warranty. So the milage is not an issue when it comes to recalls.


You can do a search by VIN and see what recalls apply for your specific vehicle.



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