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Mystery bonus features, console armrest?

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Hi all, I’m still getting to know my new van, liking it more and more (‘19 LWB Titanium). This morning I was trying to remove the lid from the front console armrest, as it’s in the way when I’m trying to use this as a mobile office. It lifts my elbow up when I’m trying to use my mouse and type. I did not figure out how to remove it, so that’s a separate question, but…


... I noticed a few little features inside the console storage area, under the armrest lid, that look almost as if there could be a little tray or some other sort of pivoting feature that could go inside there. Does anybody know what those features are for or whether that’s an available accessory?


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Ohhhhh... sure, that makes sense!  I guess I let my imagination run away and forgot to think about simple possibilities 🙂



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Does seem like they'd be handy for mounting a desk though, assUming the latch would be strong enough to hold it in place, AND you're willing and able to fudge some brackets for it ...


PS ... don't quote me, but seems like you can get access to most of those consoles if you removed the liner first. That SHOULD (theoretically) expose the hinges for the lid.

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