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Eddy Kilowatt

Mercedes Is Bringing a Pop-Up Camper Version of its Metris Van to the U.S.

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Was hoping to find something like that for the TC when I went to "pop" the top, but ended up going with a fixed roof that gives me a dual purpose, weekend camper/wheelchair accessible ride. Even has some decent lines that fit the vehicle. Hard part was getting someone to do the conversion, but no regrets as it's working well for me ... and best of all ... no leaks!




PS ... the fiberglass roof is from a company called Fiberine in California. This one adds eight inches, but they do make one a full foot. I'm over six foot and have to crouch a bit, but it's still a BIG improvement over the stock height. They also do an optional plywood inner liner that adds a LOT of strength if you plan on adding an AC or solar or whatever. 


And ya, I know I could have gone with a standard raised roof Transit, but really didn't want to end up driving a truck.  ;-}

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