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Parasitic draw (couldn’t find the proper topic forum)

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I have a parasitic loss somewhere. I did the multimeter test and only had .003 showing so I know that’s not enough to kill the battery after 2 min use days


Alternator I’m assuming at this point although I’ve had no charging issues, I heard the diodes get bad in these


anyone else been here? What about the wiring to the alternator that I’ve heard of as Well




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If the draw is 3 milli amps then yeah you probably dont have a parasitic draw.  How did you perform this test?  


Dont overlook a bad battery, whats the voltage 20 minutes after you shut the engine off?  A dead or shorted cell sometimes have you thinking the battery is ok but it will never start after sitting a few minutes

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With All the modules in the  TC there is definitely a draw on the battery.  The fact that you have to reset the radio and the clock if you disconnect the bat tells you that.  

If you have a dead or shorted  cell will definitely have an effect on  the voltage , the sitting voltage will be low and the charging voltage will be hi.



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