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  1. Garyintransit

    Auto door locking

    I used Forscan to program the back door to unlock with the side doors. Then I used the procedure from the manual to convert the van to one step unlock, in that now one click of the unlock button unlocks all the doors at once. Now when I drive away the locks all activate and lock still but when I stop and get out all the doors unlock automatically. So I never got the annouying auto lock thing dissabled but I did get it so it is not so annouying anymore.
  2. Garyintransit

    disable automatic door locking on 2010-2013 TC

    The original question was about the 2010 to 2013 model years. I have a 2011 Transit connect and there are no door lock door unlock buttons instead there's this rocker thing that you can push in for lock and pull out for unlock. Is there anyone out there that knows the trick to disabling the auto locks for these model years? Thanks
  3. Garyintransit

    Auto door locking

    Opps I should have stated that I have 2011 Transit Connect XLT. By the way I was wondering what MK version is the 2011? Thanks
  4. I am wondering if it is possible to disable the doors from locking when I drive away. Mostly it is annoying when I get out and have to get something out of the back. The doors unlock when I get out but the rear door is still locked. I am constaintly having to grab the keys and pushing what looks like a trunk release button. So is it possible to just disable the auto door locking or make it so the back door unlocks as well when I get out? Thanks
  5. Ford Canada has disscontinued OEM mud flaps for my 2011 Connect so I imagin they are discontinued for all the older style Connects. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could get my hands on an OEM set other than Ford Canada? Thanks Gary
  6. Do you still have those mud flaps for sale?
  7. Garyintransit

    mud flaps

    Did you ever find any mud flaps that fit right?
  8. Garyintransit

    New & looking 4 TRANSIT CONNECT emblems

    Hi mrtn Yea those are the ones I'm looking for and your right they're like blackened chrome not really totally black. Gary
  9. Garyintransit

    New & looking 4 TRANSIT CONNECT emblems

    Where are you? I could pay you to air mail them. Are they black ones? Gary
  10. Garyintransit

    New & looking 4 TRANSIT CONNECT emblems

    Hello fellow van owners. I was around when guys would buy used vans and with a little wood and shag carpet, turn it into a shaggin wagon. Remember those things? The previous owner of my van stripped the emblems off the van, I think they had some wrap on it. I notice here that some guys are taking them off their vans on purpose. I was just wondering if any of those guys out there would be interested in selling me the unwanted ones for my van. I'm looking for the TRANSIT and the CONNECT emblems in black. The 2010-13 style. Glad to be a newbie to this great foram. Gary
  11. Garyintransit


    Hello people I bought my 2011 connect used and the previous owner removed the Transit Connect emblems from the back. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get a new set in black? Thanks Gary