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  1. Does anyone know if the autolock can be turned off on a 2010-2013 ? Ford has this video, but since the TC has a different way to do unlock it does not work.
  2. I have a full set I hate to see go to waste from my 2012. Seat belts, headrest and all hardware if you want them you can have them for free! I am in Knoxville TN about 3 and half hour drive for you. I am not sure they would fit a cargo unit as they do not have the floor cutouts like the wagon does.
  3. mgreene

    wtb: 2012 TC rear seats

    I have a set you can have, seat belts, headrest and all. I am in Knoxville Tennessee, if you want to send someone to get them, you can have them.
  4. Hello fellow TC owners. I have been lurking for some time on this forum trying to find an answer. My question is about defeating the automatic locking that happens once the vehicle is in motion. I tried the procedure outlined on other Ford units to no avail because the manual door lock does not work on a TC like it does on other Ford vehicles. Thanks in advance for pointing me to answers!