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  1. Hello all, Looking for a rear seat set up for my 2011 Connect. I am in the Cincinnati area. Thanks in advance-
  2. No, That is for the 1.6. That is what I was expecting on my 2.0 though. I did find it last night. It is a "cylinder head temp sensor" It is on the top of the cylinder head in the middle of the spark plugs. The connector to the sensor is corroded pretty good. I replaced the sensor and now it is even worse. I suspect the connector needs to be replaced. I tried starting it this morning at 14 degrees F. The coolant temp on my scan tool showed 60 degrees F. Cranked it and it did the same thing it has been doing- cranking and not wanting to start. Removed the connector from the sensor and the scan tool showed 14 degrees. Tried to start it, and it fired up like a new car. I suspect my connector needs to be replaced as I cant see how to remove the wires. I'm on the right track, just not use to working on this transit yet. Thanks for your response! Matt
  3. No mix up between temps. It was 0 degrees ambient and the coolant showed about 32 degrees. Air intake temp was about 1 or 2 degres F.
  4. Hello All, My 2011 Transit Connect XL 2.0L has trouble wanting to start in cold weather. I checked the data stream with a scanner. At 0 Degrees the Coolant shows 32 Degrees F. I bought a new Ford Sensor P/N 8S4Z6G004A. The problem I have is that I cant seem to find where the sensor is located. Would someone please help me with the location? Thank you- Matt