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Anyone know how to ransack the fordservicecontent website to get install instructions?

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Someone posted a link to the install instructions for the OEM trailer hitch hosted on fordservicecontent.com. Unfortunately, that's not a website you can browse; you have to have the link to the specific document you want to download. Does anyone know how to ransack it to get the install instructions for the OEM block heater for a 2014 Connect wagon XLT? I've finally found the part number for it, but I want to read the instructions to find out where it's supposed to fit into the block so I can figure out if it's an engine-out job or not.



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Here are two picture from Ford parts and the location of the plug heater is the same for both the 1.6 and the 2.5.  The plug is on the fly wheel end of the engine  behind the exhaust manifold. It will be a tough job.

Block heater 2.5.png

Block heater 1.6.png

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