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12v Powerpoints "Hot" with key off? Especially the rear one

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Does anyone know if any of the 12v powerpoint receptacles are hot all the time? or are they all switched with the key? I'm getting a 2018 wagon but I imagine it will be the same for 2017, 2017, 2015, etc...

I'm really hoping the one in the back is hot all the time?

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Some like it hot, and some do not. I have three hot power points, one of which is used for my radar detector, which does not have an on/off switch. Rather than plug and unplug the power cord for every trip, I added a switched extension cord for 8 bucks:




It also allows me to reroute the power cord around the dashboard.

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Update to the above post:


I really wanted to like it, as the concept is great, but the execution was not. The plug's spring-loaded plunger, which contains the fuse, was either too long, or the spring was too short and/or stiff, for the plug to remain securely in the 12-volt socket. I'd plug it in, and it would just pop up after a few bumps in the road, disconnecting itself. So, I returned it.


Others have since noticed this problem. The other accessories I've plugged into the same socket remain securely connected, so the socket is not at fault. It's the most recent execution of the plug that's fatally flawed. People who purchased the item more than six months ago generally seemed happy with it. If the flaw gets fixed, I'd buy it again. Meanwhile, I'll just keep plugging and unplugging my detector as needed.


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