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Remove Front Passenger Seat

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Hi All,

I would love to take out my front passenger seat so I can keep my folding bike in it's place.  I took mine out, but that turns off the air bag system. 

Might anyone know how to delete the Air Bag circuit to that seat?  Is there an adapter that be plugged into the connector or ???

Thank you for your thoughts.

Mikel 818-429-8875


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The seat has a sensor, which you unplugged.  The sensor tells the vehicle's body control module if there is enough weight in the seat for your air bag to operate.  It's only the air bag for that position.  In the last generation of Econolines, there was actually a switch on the dashboard to turn the airbag off.  Everyone at my job had theirs turned off, in case the boss wanted to hop in the van with you.  The joke was that if he wanted to ride along, and you crashed, then too bad for him.  You should be fine in the driver's seat.  

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