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Does your rear heat work?

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OK we've seen a long list of owners who paid for a rear climate control that doesn't work. But is there anyone out there that can verify that their rear heat actually works?

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I did a test run with the car this morning . The starting temp outside was 10
degrees F.

Set the front heater on fan speed 3 and temp control high, and the air flow valve pointing to the feet . The rear fan was on 2 and the temp
control on high after a ten minute run the heat coming out of the B pillar vent was good

I also found that the vent hook up on the passinger side under the seat might not be good . when it is
on the duct correctly then there is good heat for the passingers feet.

The Rear heater gets most of the warm air from the front heater supplied through the duct.

Hope this helps some one.

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