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  1. So am I reading this right that $146 is just for the sunglass holder? Or does it cover the whole assembly to include the mirror?
  2. RidingDonkeys

    Does your rear heat work?

    OK we've seen a long list of owners who paid for a rear climate control that doesn't work. But is there anyone out there that can verify that their rear heat actually works?
  3. Well, I came to this forum for a reason, and I'm not liking the answers I'm finding. I'm two weeks into owning a 2014 Transit Connect Wagon LWB. We sold all our vehicles and consolidated to this vehicle for an upcoming move to Russia. Rear heat was a big factor in our decision, and guess what.....it doesn't work. Same problems as you folks have described. So far, in two weeks, I've got a folding seat failing (current has a tech bulletin on it) and a failing rear heater. I'm starting to have serious doubts about this vehicle.