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Recall 14S24

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There probably should be a recall section where this goes.

Had an oil change on my TC today and they inspected the fuel lines under the recall 14S24. Seems that some fuel lines under the hood might rub and if they are routed in a way they might rub, the dealer should reroute them.

This is probably just a precaution. In the old days, they would just issue a service bulletin and ask people to have it looked at. With the current high profile recalls, they are being more careful.

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There is a section just for this. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the forums. then count up 4 from the bottom looking for

Maintenance, TSB's & Recalls. I missed it at first myself. Since I found I have been watching it for anything on the 2012's. So far nothing and I hope it stays that away.


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