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Found 8 results

  1. JonnyBoy

    Need help in Arizona - 2014+ Wagon

    Howdy, folks! Can anyone living in Tucson/Phoenix, Arizona (or nearby) that owns a 2nd generation Connect Wagon (trim doesn't matter) please help me? I need to hand measure Front Driver's seat, which includes removing/re-installing for a project I'm working on. I have the Ford Workshop Manual section on seat removal with proper torque specs and I also have all correct tools, including torque wrench. I have cash to give you for your time. This will be a 2-part process; first time we meet, preferably asap, I'll need less than 1hr. Second time (late Nov), I'll need 1-2hrs. Please respond here, or PM me. Thanks for your help!
  2. Its been a little while since I did this install but I took photos and planned to write about it when the weather was nasty. today the weather is nasty. I have a '15 Transit connect LX cargo van with the very base package. I bought this model believing that it would be a great platform to build whatever I wanted. That's been true some of the time, but the very basic model has significant differences in the wiring harness and in fact some of the harness simply isn't there going to the cargo area. The "mechless" radio is a big difference. Mechless radios have only AM/FM, no CD player. There was no 4" screen above my radio and no steering wheel controls. Researching on the Crutchfield website said there were no radio install kits for my vehicle, I knew I could fab something, but that wasn't the only problem I would run into. Since I had no 4" screen and the install kit had no provision for not having one I decided to install a switch panel in that spot. I started with paper mach-up, then made one from Plexiglass. Why Plexiglass? I had some, and its easy to fab since you can see through it. Here's new and old next to each other. When you pull out the Mechless radio there's a big hunk of useless plastic. remove it. Now there's plenty of room. Before any of you comment, my van is filthy. It will remain filthy through out these photos and probably throughout its existence. I had to pull out the seat to run the wires for the backup camera under the floor matt, as well as pull the canter console and trim around the shifter. What a mess. The Nav and XM antennas tuck in nicely under the little visor piece. and I added a USB port that goes to USB2 on the radio for Android Auto. This is a convenient spot to plug in but very inconvenient when taking things apart, I would rethink this if I were doing it again. After getting all the wiring and hardware complete, with much excitement, I switched the power on..... and nothing happened. just a blank screen. talk about a sinking feeling. after a few phone calls that I should have made when I started this project I found that I had used the wrong wiring harness from Metra. While most of you will use the XSVI-5524-NAV CAN data interface, those of us with mechless radios need the simpler 70-5524. Even though I do have a CAN system in my van, the radio doesn't use it and the wires aren't there. The only thing that I don't have in the end is the speed signal. I think I could find it under the instrument panel, but I haven't tried so far. It works fine without it. final project working. so what do the switches do? on of them works these cargo area LED strips. I hope this has been helpful and inspires you to do your own custom install.
  3. Hey Guys! Just seeing if anyone out there has a complete 2nd row seat for a 2014 - 2015 Transit Connect for sale? Thanks, Sean
  4. Welp gentleman, it's been 1 year & 21,000 miles alter and we still love the van, But as many of you know, I'm still not pleased with the tire size selection and I'll just have to deal with it until this can be corrected in about 45K miles. The van has seen a few small/short trip here and there. it's been kept on a routine service scheduled but we've switched from one dealership to another. Reason for the switch, was that I hasn't please with the mechanic they kept assigning the van to and each time, the mechanic never added the correct level of oil, leaving it was short of the crosshatching on the dip stick. The van is still way more comfortable than I would have ever imagined and handles perfectly.
  5. Ford Transit Connect Production Schedule 2014 Ford Transit Connect Final Orders Due: 04-04-14 2015 Ford Transit Connect Order Bank Opens: 05-13-14 2015 Ford Transit Connect Production Scheduling Begins: 06-12-14 2015 Ford Transit Connect Production (JOB1) Begins: 09-02-14
  6. Ford Transit Connect Wagon: The Unminivan Breaks from Traditional Seven-Passenger People Mover A different kind of seven-seat people mover, the all-new 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon combines style, efficiency and adaptability in an affordable package Transit Connect Wagon is the #unminivan, offering class-leading cargo and passenger space, and an EPA-estimated 29 mpg highway when equipped with 1.6-liter EcoBoost® With the convenience of dual sliding side doors, fold-flat second- and third-row seating, a maximum payload of 1,270 pounds, choice of a rear liftgate or side-hinged cargo doors, and starting around $25,000, Transit Connect Wagon takes adaptability to a new level VISIT THE 2014 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT WAGON COLLECTION FOR MORE FORD TRANSIT CONNET FORUM - Think of the all-new 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon as the #unminivan. Fuel efficient, flexible, uniquely styled and fun to drive, Transit Connect Wagon is an affordable people mover for families and active individuals who want to be ready for whatever life brings. “Ford’s all-new Transit Connect Wagon is unlike anything else,” said Minyang Jiang, Transit Connect brand manager, Ford Motor Company. “It drives like a car, has the flexibility of a utility and can haul the payload of a full-size pickup. This new wagon is a great combination of affordability and functionality – a unique global vehicle we’re proud to offer our customers.” Transit Connect Wagon is now on sale in North America at a starting price of around $25,000. It is available in two wheelbase lengths – a five-passenger with removable seating or a seven-passenger with fold-flat seating. It offers sliding side doors, a choice of a rear liftgate or side-hinged cargo doors, more than 100 cubic feet of cargo space and a maximum payload of 1,270 pounds. Available trim levels include XL, XLT and the range-topping Titanium. Customers can select from two fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines – the standard 2.5-liter with an EPA-estimated rating of 28 mpg on the highway, and a 1.6-liter EcoBoost® with an EPA-estimated rating of 29 mpg highway. Both engines are paired to a six-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission designed for smooth driving around town and efficiency on the highway. Award-winning Transit Connect: Fun to drive, Built Ford Tough Transit Connect Wagon shares Ford’s global C-platform with the sporty Focus model, making it easy to maneuver in parking lots while being fun to drive on curvy roads. Torque vectoring control technology, which uses the brakes to provide stability through turns, is responsible for the fun handling characteristics the vehicle offers. Transit Connect Wagon has been designed, engineered and tested to meet Ford’s rigorous Built Ford Tough durability standards. The testing equivalent of more than 3 million miles includes 250,000-plus miles in such demanding conditions as gravel roads, tracks that mimic rugged environments and pothole-damaged pavement. The vehicle was introduced in Europe in 2002, and now, the 2014 Transit Connect van has been named International Van of the Year by a panel of European auto media. It debuted in North America in 2009, quickly becoming a fleet favorite for its size and capability as a hauler of people and cargo. Now, with the arrival of the all-new Transit Connect Wagon, retail buyers have a fresh alternative to the traditional people mover. The Transit Connect lineup posted its strongest annual sales in 2013, with just under 40,000 units sold, up 12.7 percent from 2012. Since its U.S. introduction, more than 150,000 Transit Connect models have been sold. 2014 so far has been the best year for sales of the wagon model. California is the largest retail area for Transit Connect Wagon and van. The growth in this market is 300-plus percent more than the minivan segment, which grew by about 10 percent in the first quarter of 2014. As unique as its buyer Transit Connect Wagon and Transit Connect van offer spacious interiors and customization options that allow owners to personalize the vehicle to their lifestyle. Ten custom-built Transit Connect vehicles were showcased at the 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association show in November, demonstrating a range of potential uses – from a cross-country cruiser loaded with technology to a mobile video gaming station. “Transit Connect Wagon fans are among the most passionate Ford customers, using their vehicle as a way to express their interests, hobbies and entrepreneurial spirits,” said Jiang. “From a support rig for a BMX bike team to a mobile workshop, customers have made great use of its spacious interior and flexible seating. “Moreover, its starting price leaves some change in customers’ pockets that they can use for their passions, the things they really love in life,” Jiang added. The short-wheelbase, five-passenger wagon model allows for the second row to flip, fold or be removed entirely. It features 77.1 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the first row with the second-row seats flipped forward, and 46.9 cubic feet of volume behind the second row. The long-wheelbase, seven-passenger wagon model has second- and third-row seats that fold flat. It has 104.2 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the first row with the second and third row folded flat; with passengers in the second row, cargo volume reaches nearly 60 cubic feet. The wagon model’s interior roominess is especially notable for its headroom, which bests many other seven-seat vehicles. Available headroom in the first row is 46.8 inches, with 45.1 inches in the second row. The long-wheelbase model has 41.3 inches of headroom in the third row. The excellent headroom Transit Connect Wagon offers led to Tall Clubs International recently naming it the official vehicle for the “vertically gifted.” Drivers and passengers looking to store their stuff will find two overhead storage options in Transit Connect Wagon – an overhead storage shelf with retaining net and available aircraft-style overhead storage for rear passengers. Additionally, there’s room for small items on the floor under the first-row passenger seat. There is a second-row storage compartment in the long-wheelbase wagon model. Advanced driver and safety technology Transit Connect Wagon customers will benefit from the availability of popular driver-assist technologies and advanced safety features. Available driver-assist features include a rear view camera, and forward and rear-sensing systems. The rear view camera shows what is behind the vehicle on a screen located in the center dash panel. The display’s color-coded guidelines and zoom feature help the driver align the vehicle, which is especially beneficial when towing. At low speeds, ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper alert the driver to objects behind the vehicle, while front sensors warn of objects at the front. The closer an object is to the vehicle, the faster the beeps sound, escalating to a constant tone. Industry-exclusive Ford MyKey® technology is available, which can be programmed to limit top speed and audio volume, encourage seat belt use, and restrict incoming calls and texts to a paired cell phone. The 2014 Transit Connect Wagon features side airbags for front-row occupants and side curtain airbags for all rows. The vehicle has earned a five-star Overall Vehicle Score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the government’s highest possible overall rating.
  7. Ford Brings Custom Transit Connect Wagons to Maker Faire 2014; Makers Get a Chance to Meet the Unminivan Two new custom Ford Transit Connect Wagons, Hackmobile and Happy Mutant Mobile, will be on display at Maker Faire – an all-ages event for the do-it-yourself enthusiast Ford and MAKE magazine teamed up in the construction of Hackmobile, the ultimate Transit Connect Wagon for the do-it-yourselfer, and Happy Mutant Mobile, which was personalized for the Web-based magazine Boing Boing All-new Ford Transit Connect Wagon, the #unminivan, is available as a five- or seven-seat vehicle that can be paired with one of two fuel-efficient engines – a 1.6-liter EcoBoost® or a 2.5-liter four-cylinder Ford and MAKE magazine will show two creative takes on personalizing the all-new Transit Connect Wagon as part of Maker Faire, an all-ages event celebrating the do-it-yourself spirit. FORD TRANSIT CONNET FORUM - MAKE magazine put on the first Maker Faire in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area, bringing together tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, hobbyists, engineers and artists. It has since grown, with several Maker Faire events taking place around the world. Last year, about 195,000 people attended the two flagship Maker Faire events, held in San Francisco and New York. This year, Maker Faire events will take place in more than 60 cities in North America and beyond. Hackmobile and Happy Mutant Mobile Transit Connect Wagons will make a public appearance on Thursday, May 15, at TechShop in San Francisco before going on display at Maker Faire, Saturday and Sunday, May 17 and May 18, at San Mateo Event Center in San Mateo, Calif. The vehicles will also be on display at Maker Faire in New York later this year. “Transit Connect Wagon is exactly what customers want it to be,” said Minyang Jiang, brand manager for Ford Transit Connect Wagon. “Whether it’s used as a people mover or to carry cargo, the spirit of the vehicle is in how it can be transformed by its owners to express their passions. We think these two vehicles are a perfect example of the unminivan, of how to inspire the imagination in a new way.” Hackmobile, a fabricating workshop on four wheels, was the winner of MAKE magazine’s Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge, a competition that saw 10 teams vie to create the ultimate Ford Transit Connect Wagon for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. As part of winning the contest, Ford commissioned California-based builder CGS Motorsports to build Hackmobile. The winning design team, Twin Cities Maker, is part of a Minnesota-based community nonprofit that operates a shop called Hack Factory, where members build projects and hold classes for the community. The concept was for a Transit Connect Wagon to be designed and built around a machine the team dubbed “The Fabber” due to its use as a multipurpose tool in fabricating. Hackmobile has shelving and storage for tools to do woodworking, metalworking and 3D fabrication. Happy Mutant Mobile was developed in collaboration with MAKE magazine and Boing Boing, a Web-based magazine devoted to technology and culture. Boing Boing’s editors designed Happy Mutant Mobile to be as original as its name, serving as an official vehicle for the site. The custom-designed exterior features a large screen that can roll down to show outdoor movies, a hood ornament that blows bubbles and LED signs mounted to the roof. The interior is decorated in dark custom woodwork and green leather upholstery. It houses a mix of oddities and knickknacks, a 3D printer, camera equipment, magazine rack and computer equipment. Theresa Contreras of California-based LGE*CTS Motorsports, which served as builder on the project, said the whimsical design features, like the bubble machine on the hood, make it one of the most unique builds the team has worked on. “Transit Connect is a great platform for any build of this magnitude, or for the weekend warrior, for that matter,” Contreras said. “It’s amazing that the minute everyone lays eyes on this vehicle, they start thinking about how they would use it. I’ve heard everything from office desks to mountain bikes to band equipment. The unminivan can be a vehicle for everyone.” The 2014 Transit Connect Wagon went on sale in North America earlier this year as an affordable alternative to customers looking for something new and functional in a five- or seven-seat people mover. With its dual sliding side doors, fold-flat second- and third-row seating, a maximum payload of 1,270 pounds, more than 100 cubic feet of cargo space, choice of a rear liftgate or side-hinged cargo doors and a starting MSRP of around $25,000, Ford Transit Connect Wagon takes adaptability to a new level.
  8. All-New 2014 Ford Transit Connect Delivers Best-in-Class 30 MPG Highway Ford Transit Connect Forum - Ford Transit Connect van can add best-in-class fuel economy to its long list of features. The 2014 Transit Connect van has an EPA-estimated fuel efficiency rating of 30 mpg, making it best-in-class. It also has best-in-class cargo space, towing and payload, with its segment-leading EcoBoost® engine rated at 178 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of torque.