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  1. mortal

    Digital display

    Can i split some wires for display to use both displays?
  2. Hallo i have a question. I have TC with radio which has two line display like this: But i dont have upper console display. Can i just buy upper larger display and connect to this radio? Does it have cables for it. I have parking sensors and camera in rear view mirror.
  3. mortal

    New member from Germany

    Welcome, i am also a new member here. With every car i had i was a member of forum. We dont have a lot of ford transit users in Croatia so this forum is the best that is available for us. Which transit do you have, put some info or pics
  4. mortal

    My new old 2016 TC

    so in third gear 80km/h i get 2800rpm in fourth gear 80km/h 2100rpm. Is it the same at your cars?
  5. mortal

    My new old 2016 TC

    Regarding gear reatio, i have manual transmition so do not need reprograming. I will write down RPM and speed i am getting maybe in third or fourth gear so i can compare with somebody here.
  6. mortal

    New Owner from Louisiana

    As a photographer, i dont know if you need a lot of shelves maybe for stands and lights. A good isolated place to put lenses and camera and maybe backup battery or solar with battery to charge batteries for camera on longer trips. Do you have some pictures of your build? I am also an advanced hobby photographer, i just put all my things in 2 bags and stand on my back and go.
  7. mortal

    My new old 2016 TC

    Yes that is us, a lot of work there. Everything made with old stone, restoration took us 10 years. Few acres of land and forest to clean regularly. We won award The best place to stay outside city in year 2018.
  8. mortal

    My new old 2016 TC

    Opposite, gear ratio is longer not shorter. That is why it is weird. Is it possible that Germany models get differet gear ratios? Thank you for house, this is our business Bed&Breakfast Stancija Ruseti, TC will work there. I will not buy 2din fascia plate i want to keep OEM look. So maybe headup unit that replaces part where lcd screen should be like this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001197425236.html
  9. mortal

    vertical screen "Tesla Style"

    I have contacted few sellers on aliexpress and they confirmed that ones from Kuga will fit. I did not bought them.
  10. Love the blue stripes on white. Where and how did you mount phone holder? I see that it is above radio unit
  11. mortal

    My new old 2016 TC

    Hallo new member here from Europe - Croatia I've bought few month ago 2016 TC from Germany with 140000km and i love it. I have a few issues with it. Turbo is gone and i made large service so at start it costed me some money more. But now is working well. It is 1.5 diesel with 120HP. I have some plans for it that is why i am on this forum. I have model without lcd display just a small one on a radio unit. I would like to change it to something with display but i am not 100% sure. I have parking sensors and parking camera in rearview mirror so it is not a necessary thing to do. But i do not have a cruise control that bothers me a lot. I need to find out if my body control module has possibility to install Cruise control. i think.... What bother me The gear ratio is large. It should be less. I was driving before 1.6ecoboost focus and ratio was smaller. What have i done already I have bought titanium alu rims from focus and they look great on it. Roof bars which looks nice. I have bought armrest. Led lights everywhere it is possible And afcourse i have ordered ST line stripes white, and i am waiting for them to come.