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  1. Just installed the Ebay Audi barz and Amazon UK Thule kit trick. Not bad for the money. The barz and locks are not as finely crafted as Thule, but for the about 1/3 the money, I'm in 8' or longer hauling buisness! Yes, due to the fact the barz are only Just long enough to work, its an either/or situation with the end caps and locking covers. Also take note... one of my Audi bar mounts had a molding imperfection that I have made the Ebay seller aware of. We'll see if he takes care of it.
  2. aka.bugle

    Converted 2015 LWB Wagon into a Van

    Don, thanks for that link! We just purchased a 2017 lwb wagon after years of weekend camping in VW Westphalia. miss it terribly. We plan to slowly turn our new wagon (Kombi?) into a simular setup. I was wondering if you still had the plywood template and alt ideas pdf's? probably be a big time saver for us!