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  1. Hi all, i am trying to upgrade my transit connect and have already added cruise control thanks to this forum. My next task is to add power folding mirrors to it. It currently has electrically adjustable mirrors but they do not fold. I have found aftermarket mirrors available but my van has 5 wires in the plug and the power folds require 6. Has anyone ever tried this and do i just need a new door wiring loom? Any wiring diagrams or information would be great as there are no repair manuals for this generation in the uk yet. link below is to the mirrors https://www.wingmirrorman.co.uk/wing-mirrors/ford-wing-mirror-units/ford-transit-connect-wing-mirror-units/ford-transit-connect-2013-2018-wing-mirror-units/ford-transit-connect-2013-2018-electric-folding-primed-wing-mirror-unit-driver-side Thanks
  2. eggman14

    What is Correct Alternator Voltage?

    i expect around 14.2v but thats in europe if that makes any difference.
  3. obd link just seems to work. would not recommend anything else. just my experience.
  4. Hello all, I want to fit a spare wheel carrier to a transit connect. has anyone else done this? i have seen a part on ebay but am not sure on retro fitting. any ideas are welcome if anyone knows anything. below is link to the part https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-TRANSIT-CONNECT-SPARE-WHEEL-CARRIER-2013-ON-1897926-1825486-/253250786825 thanks in advance
  5. Hi all, Just posting back. took a punt and bought the part, fitted it today. It was as easy as drilling 4 rivets out, replacing blank plate with mechanism and feeding cable through the existing holes in the chassis. 1 big bolt fitted for second strap and all ready to go. Easy fit
  6. Hi all, Just posting back. took a punt and bought the part, fitted it today. It was as easy as drilling 4 rivets out, replacing blank plate with mechanism and feeding cable through the existing holes in the chassis. 1 big bolt fitted for second strap and all ready to go. Easy fit
  7. eggman14

    Aftermarket radio

    there are lots of kits available in the uk. https://incartec.co.uk/Ford/Transit-Connect-2014/Stereo-Upgrade-Double-Din these sell complete kits to change or convert over to aftermarket. im also looking to do this soon.
  8. Hi All, in the uk we have the wind up winch wheel storage so it lifts the wheel to the underside of the rear of the van. i have plenty of space to fit the parts its just that mine didn't come with that fitted from the factory. I have found the part available i just wondered if it was an easy retro fit. if anyone has any experience please let me know. Thanks in advance
  9. is this repair manual available to buy?? cant find much in the uk. normally we have haynes manuals but they havent made one for this generation. thanks
  10. i have done this on amazon and strongly recommend not buying clone junk. thanks all
  11. WELL ALL, GREAT NEWS - finally got it to turn on and work. thank you for the support from this forum. i had sucess with obdlink mx+ It worked flawlessly with forscan and it gave me many more options within forscan compared to the Crappy ELM clone (bbfly obd) so in short my procedure is this. Replace steering wheel for one with cruise control switch pod Connect to car via whichever adapter ( i strongly recommend the obdlink mx+) which is a bluetooth connection ( i bought a tplink bluetooth dongle from amazon) go to each as built module and start the service procedure ( modules are in the tab with the computer chip down the left hand side) once the service procedure has started back up the as built module you are in (save to file) Exit (stop) the service procedure you are in once backup file is saved and repeat the backup for all As Built modules possible Then click on bcm central configuration and start service procedure it will prompt about secondary bootloader ( read prompts and follow as instructed.) you will need to change the following 2 settings adjustable speed limiter and cruise control write settings and follow screen prompt to cycle ignition. end service procedure central config bcm (stop Icon) then check dtc codes for errors and clear as necessary disconnect from forscan , remove obd dongle and take for a test and see if switches operate. i hope this helps anyone who needs it. i will monitor the post and offer any help where i can and once again thanks everyone who took the time to help or even write anything on this post.
  12. Hi jrm223 it appears you are right about bbfly lead its rubbish. i have heard obdlink mx+ are decent and some people on here have used them. i have a vxdiag on the way so will try that then i suppose if no joy then order either your lead (thanks) or the obdlink mx +. i prefer the wired options but i will use toilet roll if it actually activates my cruise control. Thanks for your help and i will keep this forum updated with my progress.
  13. i had noted that it (BBFLY obd lead) reports as elm327 v1.5 which is apparently a sure sign of a clone. in reviews https://www.amazon.co.uk/bbflyOBD-VINT-TT55502-ELM327-modificado-FORScan/dp/B06XJ6GQZX/ref=pd_sbs_263_2/258-0210525-4880758?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B06XJ6GQZX&pd_rd_r=2a413203-28ec-455a-aa58-64e65fe36aea&pd_rd_w=PYxkT&pd_rd_wg=23me0&pf_rd_p=2b420a2f-6593-478e-8b5f-cb43865ff16f&pf_rd_r=RCK7MEM9GTFTVBWY7QCN&psc=1&refRID=RCK7MEM9GTFTVBWY7QCN in the reviews it claims its ok but as i have experienced it throws many errors and dtc's when just one setting is selected. hope this at least helps someone wasting their money like i did.
  14. JRM223 thanks for your reply, the bbfly is an elm327 compatible adapter ( hadnt heard of it either) which i appreciate is probably not the best. however forscan does recognise it but i must admit the amount of dtc's it generates just from turning on cruise is alarming. a couple of questions if i may... 1. did you activate cruise with forscan or IDS? 2. i have looked through the central configuration and have not seen a setting for ASC, am i looking in the BCM module for this? 3. i have a vxdiag adapter coming which is compatible with ids and also with forscan so i might wait till this arrives. thanks for your response as i would love to have the sucess that others have had with activating cruise control. in the uk there arent many connects factory built with 5 seats and LWB like mine. i would have bought a higher spec if available but sadly they are difficult to come by. i use my connect for camping trips and a daily run around so did not want a tourneo and like having no windows in the rear sliding doors. once again thanks
  15. just posting an update i tried turning it on again using forscan on an elm327 compatible lead. in engineering mode and in normal mode. no luck whatsoever. when i change the setting i cleared all the dtc's. i take the van for a run and try to switch on cruise no joy. buttons are illuminated but i guess all the lamps are on a common live? when i get home i have pcm errors p0564:82-2e and p0564:00-2e. they all clear but cruise just wont switch on.
  16. Thanks Don, i have managed to clear all the faults and have tried to get cruise control working to no luck. if i enable cruise control i get a load of faults clear them but cruise doesnt work. others have said either asc or adaptive cruise control?? any sucess or opinion on those? thanks for your reply.
  17. hi all followed the guide by donuts (thanks) but i now have abs errors going crazy. i used the bbfly obd lead. i did back up my as built data but when i restore it the dtc codes return. i have invalid abs configuration. any help appreciated, ps i have restarted abs module etc. dtc errors ep65bpz abs.txt