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  1. It only took me 4 orders of kilmat to do a majority of the TC XLT - I just did a new section every night for about an hour. Bed, Liftgate, door x4, roof, 2nd row, front seats, headliner. I'd say each one took 1-2 hours roughly 12 hours total.
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    Any one successfully turn off on start of engine (turning eco boost off is the only one that seems to persist the setting on engine off): Auto start-stop Traction control Collision detection
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    2014+ bigger, better battery

    Thanks! I have the 19 2.0l so maybe ha
  4. Hello, Yes I have searched the forum, and the only section I found that was almost helpful is that I have to take the front seatbelts off, is that true? I have a full wagon interior, and a storage in the middle that I can't seem to figure out how to take out to save my life. I am trying not to break the headliner. I am thinking I have to take of the front seat, seatbelt pillars and hopefully there will be more clips there? I am lost if anyone has done this I would be greateful for photos or steps, especially around taking out the center storage unit. Thanks!
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    2014+ bigger, better battery

    Do you have to do any coding to the ECU to let it know of the battery capacity change?