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  1. Deryk the Gypsy

    Dobby my 2010 Ford Transit Connect XLT(soon to be camper lol)

    I have a battery isolator just need to get my ramps because with the front skirting I can't get under to ziptye the wire in place securely. In the future I might add a solar panel but I think my maxxfan running on low at night for a weekend shouldn't drain the battery.
  2. Deryk the Gypsy

    Dobby my 2010 Ford Transit Connect XLT(soon to be camper lol)

    Hey Bill! I don't have pictures on the tablet I am on for the next few days but slowly pulled the 2nd row seats, laid down 1/2 inch of styrofoam shiny side down. 3/4" ply on top. I planned on a 28"x72" by 14" tall bed so my portapotty would just slide under and I can sit upright with a little headroom. ended up being 30" wide, next time I will try to make it a little narrower. Built it out of oak, light and strong and in 2 separate pieces. My back is a mess from a worksite fall so everything I plan for is light enough I can do it alone lol. I was going to buy a new mattress and decided to sacrifice my nearly 7 year old 10" latex memory foam mattress. The cushions squash down nicely and man I sleep like a baby on it lol. Oh, 2 turnbuckles (I think I will add a 3rd) hold the bed in place, so easy to remove if I need the van to transport something or whatnot. I installed a MaxFan deluxe roof fan, had one in my old camper and I loved that the vent can be open year round and doesn't leak inside., a leisure battery and fuse panel, I haven't installed the little smart doohickey that will send a charge to the back leisure battery to keep it powered. I need to put the car on ramps and dread dragging them out from the shed lol. I have some ideas for a galley, and a 6 gallon water jug and the nearly unused fresh water pump from my old sailboat that got totalled by sandy. I installed it the summer before the hurricane lol so I held onto it...so now I will eventually have some running water ... and that means eventually a luke warm shower lol.
  3. Deryk the Gypsy

    2010 XLT Slammed

    Looks Nice, but I would rather raise mine if could be done safe and affordably lol
  4. Deryk the Gypsy

    Dobby my 2010 Ford Transit Connect XLT(soon to be camper lol)

    Thank's Will! Yeah I really didn't want a white one...I will probably stop at truck stop's while traveling but not looking to blend in and I want to add 2 more windows that open for air flow. My neighbor was looking at it and swears he never saw one before...and he was a tractor trailer driver. I said you saw them but being white it is a fleet vehicle typically and you just kind of ignore it. I saw them on the road but never gave it any thought...now, I see them all over the place. I am starting to honk and wave at the other drivers.
  5. Deryk the Gypsy

    Finally 2014 Camper finished

    Really Nice! I hope Ford will add the awd to the transit connects in the near future...a little more clearance and they can have beastly mini campers!
  6. Deryk the Gypsy

    Dobby my 2010 Ford Transit Connect XLT(soon to be camper lol)

    Oh yeah ordered a few replaceable rubber parts like from the air filter...mine was showing its age. I also ordered service manual so I can learn a little more.
  7. Deryk the Gypsy

    Dobby my 2010 Ford Transit Connect XLT(soon to be camper lol)

    Thanks! I looked for almost 3 months. I regret not being fast enough on a 2013 ftc xlt premium wagon had 42k miles and was $8900. It was orange but if I got tired of it could always do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Auvf7DDw5z0 lol. The prices on the FTC's are crazy. 140k miles for $8k? I saw a few with under 30k miles for $13k+ . I lucked out because the garage who was selling it took dark shitty pictures. When I called him, he told me 1 previous owner, he serviced it and when the business went under he bought it to flip it. He said no accidents real clean and it was...the pictures didn't do Dobby justice. The interior is dry from yesterdays downpour all day long. On to the next step if the sun ever comes out lol
  8. I bought my ftc last month with a hair under 43k miles in pretty decent shape overall. Over time I want to turn him into a proper little campervan! I just installed a Maxair Maxxfan Deluxe and today it downpoured all day (was dry the last time I checked). I stained and polyurethaned 2 pieces of 3/4 oak ply for the floor... needs a 3rd coat when the sun comes back out tomorrow And I start my slatbed...I think I have enough wood for it lol.