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    I have no immediate plan for that as my vehicle is leased. Beyond that, I would have to consult an expert. I'm certainly not.
  2. Brett

    New 19 owner from Ireland... not impressed.

    So, It's hard for U.S. TC owners to offer up any comparison. We no longer have that little Ecoboost engine. When we did, it was only available on limited models. If you had a long wheel base version, It wasn't an option. My current 2019 XLT has the "Premium" trim package with upgraded everything. I couldn't be happier. My last engine was zippier, But I'm ok with this new 2.0 i4. Happy motoring, Brett
  3. Brett

    No love in Brooklyn

    I saw that pic. Very envious. There's a youtube video that talks about an AWD Transit coming in 2020.
  4. Brett


    So, this is a hot topic with me. I plan to be towing. I've looked for everything I could possibly find on the topic and I find two ares of discussion: Can I, and Should I. Can I... Yes. Your Duratec 2.5 engine is capable. Consider rear suspension help, tongue weight and trailer packing. Some people add an extra transmission cooler. If your trailer doesn't have brakes, add them. Trailer brakes and a brake controller are kinda non-negotiable. Should I... This is the harder question. There is history behind the 2000 lb tow rating. Where does that number come from? It seems awfully round and convenient as a number. Why not 1850 lbs or 2387 lbs? 2000 lbs is just the established standard for a class 1 hitch. The factory hitch is a class 1 hitch despite it's 2 inch receiver. The factory hitch is just bolted to the bumper and not the frame. You can get an aftermarket class three hitch that attaches to the frame. The problem then becomes a legal question. If anything were to happen, could we be held liable for operating outside the manufacturer's published spec? This is going to be a state by state question. I've gotten answers in both directions. Largely though, this is more an issue with commercial towing. It's a VERY serious issue with commercial haulers with stiff fines for being over weight. In my reading, I've come across some interesting pieces of info: The TC was originally rated as not suitable for towing. It then became 2000 lbs. The speculation seems to be that this issue has more to do with EPA and lawyers than it has with engineering. Search this site for an old thread entitled "Towing with the Transit Connect" from 2009. It was interesting. My bottom line... I haven't tried it yet, but if the new 2.0 liter engine will pull my trailer, I'm gonna do it. (yes, I have trailer brakes) Brett.
  5. Brett

    Rallycross a Transit Connect? Yup

    OK.... Pretty nifty.
  6. Brett

    No love in Brooklyn

    I can tell you right now that there is definitely a difference in zippiness. Changing lanes or accelerating down an on-ramp take more forethought. I'm not a fast driver, so it's not that big a deal for me. My issue will be towing my trailer. the 2015 would pull the trailer just at idle. I'm not so sure about the 2019. Regarding TC to TC: It wasn't my first choice. My first choice would be a full size Transit, Low roof, short wheelbase, wagon with 2 rows only, glass all around, and a driver side sliding door. Sadly, this configuration doesn't exist. Years ago, I had a Ford Aerostar. I LOVED that vehicle. Maybe one day...
  7. Brett

    No love in Brooklyn

    Hello everyone, Brett from Brooklyn, NY here. I just gave back my 2015 TC Wagon and picked up a 2019 Kapoor Red XLT with all the premium stuff. There were no wagons in Brooklyn, so my dealer found one in upstate New York. I had an aftermarket hitch installed and now I'm good to go! Wish me luck, I hope the new smaller engine is up to the task. Regards, Brett.