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  1. Thanks jrm223 . Thats a good point. I will try it in a spare time and keep you posted.
  2. Fifty150 , Don Ridley Thank you both for your input, I'll setup an appointment with the dealer to check for updates first, if there is non I will clear TCM adaptive tables. But I figured there must be some clutch damage to my transmission, cause every time i've changed trans fluid there were some metal shavings.
  3. Beta Don and jrm223 I'm reposting back with good news! Got the steering wheel and Cruise Control to work last night ! Fairly simple procedure, the hardest part was to install Windows 10 on my MacBook lol jrm223 The options I had for cruise control are 1.without CC, 2. CC, 3. Adaptive CC - I chose #2 and it worked Did you figure out how to turn on other buttons on your steering wheel?
  4. Hi everyone, I have 2014 Transit Connect XL 2.5L that I bought used with 45K miles on it. I have never taken it to the dealer for repairs cause it has rebuilt title . Now that it has 96K miles on it and I finally got ahold of forscan I would like to see if I can Update my PCM/TCM calibrations to the newest version? I have a hard shifting 3 to 4 gears (6f35 tranny) since I bought it and my goal is to try to get rid of it and maybe upgrading calibrations will help?! Please help thanks in advance
  5. Thank you jrm223 I should get new steering wheel this Saturday, will keep you posted.
  6. Thank you for a quick reply. I just ordered my steering wheel off of ebay. Did you use OBDlink mx? if yes, do you have a link to amazon? Is it possible to use windows tablet to program? What version of Forscan did you use? Is there any way to do a step by step walkthrough on how to turn on adaptive speed control and cc? thank you in advance
  7. Thank you Don Ridley . Thats what I thought. I am not really good with car wiring stuff but would be down to give it a try. What are the better upgrades out there that you have seen? Which aftermarket units would you recommend? thank you.
  8. Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade my 2014 basic am/fm radio headunit with newer OEM unit (from 2016, 2017) without a lot of wiring headaches? Has it been done? My goal is to upgrade my very stock 2014 TC radio to the one with the screen so I can potentially add a oem backup camera or at least connect and use my phone. Thanks in advance. This is my setup right now
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I have 2014 TC XL the very basic cargo van and I would like to install OEM cruise control. Some of you guys jrm223 and donuts have done an amazing job upgrading your cars. My question is If I buy a TC steering wheel with cruise control will my current steering wheel have the right harness wiring to accommodate cruise control option? Also Do I need to replace a basic cluster or not? Below attached a picture of my current setup> I will greatly appreciate any help. Thank you