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  1. "There are no sessions for the selected VIN" probably means that your car has never been connected to the Ford servicing software. Which in turn means, of course, that no attempts to make any updates have taken place. Ever. The good news is that you now have identified a means to verify statements made by dealers or garages.
  2. Your screenshot shows "History" (in grey), to the right of "Modules". Click on that. This gives you tracking of actions.
  3. You can check the history of your vehicle at http://www.etis.ford.com/vehicle/softwareUpgrades.do -> Summary -> History (registration as an independent operator is mandatory - and free). I see log entries in my vehicle 12-10-17 10:36 xxxxxx G1582102 de DE Finished Ford VCM II Persisted Framework 12-10-17 09:34 xxxxxx G1582102 de DE Starting Ford VCM II Persisted Framework This perfectly matches up with when I had the vehicle serviced. This enables you to at least cross-check the claim that anything happened at all. Unfortunately, I am unable to reliably interpret the information in the "Changes and Upgrades" at the above-mentioned URL. I can only speculate that Ford internally tracks the version information per vehicle (VIN) and thus only displays a link to "Software Updates" only if there are in fact updates to the software. For my vehicle, no updates to the BCM are flagged, but instead I see updates available for other modules, e.g. Software Updates - Audio Front Control Module (ACM) Module Programming This application will update the Audio Control Module software to the latest level. Prior to commencing programming it is important that the vehicle battery is connected to a suitable battery support unit. 20170320-G1820905-6 Perhaps, for your vehicle, this lists an update to the BCM being (still) available? This would at least provide hope that with an updated BCM the dark mode setting could be applied.
  4. There is no means to purchase any license for FORScan at the moment; the trial extended license is the one that unlocks all (nasty) features. The trial licence is also allowed to be, and meant to be, renewed whenever it expires (I guess this is simply due to them having put some for-pay scheme in place, but have decided not to ask for money yet) A note on FORScan: It is insanely powerful, but similarly insanely unfriendly. It allows (amongst other things) for raw writing of data into the configuration data area of the various modules of the car. It offers extremely limited user support in writing to the right bytes, though, so in order to enable the dingo feature, a user is expected to know to write a binary "1" to bit wombat of module dodo. And that is exactly the difference compared to the Ford software: There, the user interaction is simply "enable the the dingo feature". Now, if someone could tell me which bits and bytes to write into whatever module, with whatever version of module software and calibration files to address "SSM 46321" (that's the camping light thing - ) ...
  5. Perhaps https://www.carshades.co.uk/shades-ford-transit-connect-2013-p-5806.html is available somewhere near your quarters? Have a look at the (German language) forum thread https://tourneo-forum.de/forum/thread/423-sonnenschutz-spezifisch-grand-tourneo-connect-meinungen-optionen/ for a discussion of those. Additionally, http://www.solarplexius.com/ exists with custom cuts, but I have no idea whether that's available in your area / available to you. Myself, I look at the windshield shades from http://www.weathertech.com/ford/2017/transit-connect/techshade/ and https://www.armstrongdistributors.com/products/ford-transit-connect-14-16-intro-tech-premium-custom-auto-sunshade-windshield-fd-903p and wonder why those are not easily (inexpensively) available in my area. Globalization, huh?
  6. Google has some background on "SSM 46321": All these sites only offer that tidbit; the rest may be behind a paywall. Google will find these "BEC module" probably refers to "Battery Energy Control Module (BECM)". "Dark mode" as a term floats around when it comes to turning off this fanciness via the Ford diagnostics software. "TSB 12651D4" - unclear "test 9002 WF" - unclear I'd very happy a solution, too.