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  1. John Angelyn Canete

    Hello Again

    Welcome back wind guy. I enjoy your posts. I now have a whopping 340 miles on my TC now.
  2. John Angelyn Canete

    Pics of the new DD modded

    Looks great!
  3. John Angelyn Canete

    2014 nirVANa build

    Nice job!
  4. Great write up! I'm looking forward to starting a similar project.
  5. John Angelyn Canete

    Hello from San Diego

    Thanks for the tip. I might try that.
  6. John Angelyn Canete

    Hello from San Diego

    Windguy, Thanks for posting the info. and pics on the racks. I'm going to do something similar. I am also going to do the keypad. Currently, I'm hiding my keys under the van when I get in the water. The keypad is a more secure solution.
  7. John Angelyn Canete

    Hello from San Diego

    That's a sweet rig Windguy! I am definitely going to add a roof rack soon. Which racks do you have mounted? I also like the wooden rack rail you have mounted on top of the back doors. I'm assuming you use that to dry your wet-suit or towel?
  8. John Angelyn Canete

    Hello from San Diego

    I'm new to the forum and stoked about my new 2017 Transit Connect XL. I am using it to haul my surfboards and gear. I will also use it for camping. I plan to insulate the walls and ceiling soon. My first "mod" was removing the plastic wheel covers...poor man's black wheels! Haha!