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  1. Rear mat is gone just the ST wheels are left.
  2. Driver and passenger mats are gone.
  3. Just traded in my 2016 XLT LWB and I have parts I kept for sale: Ford roof rack cross bars - $200 WeatherTech black driver and passenger mats - $75 WeatherTech black cargo liner from behind front seats back with bumper protector - $100 4 Focus ST wheels with 2 good tires Kuhmo Ecsta 4x 245/40/18 - $600 All prices DO NOT include shipping and are pretty firm right now. I will get pics up this weekend
  4. Darin

    Pics of the new DD modded

    Thanks, and no we didn't have any issues like they predicted we would. They even closed schools Monday and Tuesday and all we got was steady rain over 2 days and a little wind.
  5. Darin

    Pics of the new DD modded

    No howling but a have noticed some wind noise, but not much.
  6. Darin

    Pics of the new DD modded

    Focus ST wheels and Thule cross bars
  7. Darin

    New 2016 from Dallas GA

    Just picked up a 17K mile 2016 LWB Magnetic Grey. Ordered up Weathertech for front 2 seats and the and cargo liner for both rows folded flat. I picked up some Focus ST wheels on Sunday tires should be in soon. Will post before and after pics soon as the wheels go on.