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    Thanks for the photo good luck with the weather.
  2. cvet


    My new Transit connect with interior and exterior changes, more to come.
  3. Did you put in the speaker?? Are they wireless??? and the pannels that they are on are padded??/ Thanks I love my TC just make inprovements
  4. cvet

    Vents above back doors

    I see you have a dive flag sticker on the rear of your TC. Are you going to do any type of build out inside for caring of SCUBA gear???
  5. cvet

    Hi From Texas!

    As of today my new 2010 TC XLT has 600 miles. I had seen these in Europe and took a liking to them. It's use will be for personal and for carting around SCUBA gear. I repair SCUBA equipt. and will do some build out inside. My dogs like the wagen it's easy for my old dog to jump into and lots of room for them to move around, I have the backseats folded down and one dog rides on the back of the seat behind me, he lays his head on my shoulder going down the road. So far I am very happy with my TC. i've added a dashmat and sheepskin seatcovers, and carpeted the back. We'll see whats next, maybe rear speakers and some sound deading on the sides.
  6. When I purchased my TC i drove about 40 miles and stopped for something to eat. After eating I went out and the car would not start, I hadn't even had it an hour and already a problem. The car was towed and found to have a bad battery. I talk to the dealship and they went and check their TCs and they too had bad batteries. it's my understand they call Ford and Ford confirmed TCs were coming from the factory with bad batteries. I now have a new battery. Hope this help others
  7. cvet

    Looking for Transit Connect Seat Covers!

    I just added a dash mat and sheepskin seat covers. The seat covers just cover the inside part of the seat and will not be a problem with the airbag. Have not done anything about the 60 /40 back seat yet still looking. As of now I hve the back seats folded forward. Also went to home depot and purchased a rug that was only $20 and carpeted the back in green, looks good.