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  1. I found some information that may help others trying to create and OEM style 7 or 13 pin trailer hookup. I purchased the trailer module and wiring harnesses that AVguy2 shared part numbers for earlier. I inspected the connector that you plug into the module for harnesses that goes to the trailer. Looks like it is Ford Part number WPT-396. I plan to order this connector separately as I can find it supplied with all 12 wires, heatshrink tubing, and connectors. I then plan to use a 7 pin trailer extension wire and cut off the plug side and connect the connector WPT-396.
  2. This is what my wiring diagram lists for the 13 pin EU wiring, seems like it should have everything I need. I also included the info about my trailers wiring. I'm not sure how much current the trailer will actually draw through the #4 pin, but if it is up to 15 amps it seem like it could be an effective way to keep the trailer battery topped up while the vehicle is running.
  3. Awesome glad to hear that you don't have issues towing your camper. I have considered getting the Curt trailer wiring harness and a 7 pin adapter. Just seems like the OEM solution would be a little nicer.
  4. Hi AVguy2, I just bought a camper trailer to tow behind my Transit Connect 2016 wagon. I don't have to factory towing package so I am going to follow your instructions to install the factory trailer module and wiring. I feel like the sway control is a nice feature and I would like to be able to disable the backup camera, while towing and when my bike rack is installed. The only rub is that my camper uses the 7 pin trailer connector. It does not have trailer brakes, but it does have running lights and uses the 12+ source to charge the trailer battery and run interior lights. I was thinking it might be easier to install the Euro spec 13 pin trailer wiring and module as this would be easier to adapt to the 7 pin trailer connecter. I was wondering if you knew the ford part numbers for the 13 pin wiring and module? Do you think this is a good idea? Thanks!
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    Hey Guys, New owner of a 2016 white LWB XLT wagon. Purchased it used with 14,000 miles for $16,000. Guess it was a rental car for 11 months. This is what I have on my list for modification first: Add a hitch mount and a bike rack, considering the Rocky Mount Backstage for the swing away feature. Add rails and a roof rack for carrying lumber and possibly a ski rack Cutting an Ikea foam mattress to lay over the seats. Cutting a plywood, plastic, or rubber panel to protect the seats for trips to the dump and Home Depot. Maybe also to support the foam mattress? Considering a wrap or Plasti Dip, as I am not to wild about the white paint. One issue I ran into right off the back was a loose piece of weather stripping that came off of the driver's side sliding door. There was no corresponding strip on the passenger's door so I am wondering if it is really needed. -Jason P.S. still work shopping the nickname Mr. Stay Puff