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    Hey Guys, New owner of a 2016 white LWB XLT wagon. Purchased it used with 14,000 miles for $16,000. Guess it was a rental car for 11 months. This is what I have on my list for modification first: Add a hitch mount and a bike rack, considering the Rocky Mount Backstage for the swing away feature. Add rails and a roof rack for carrying lumber and possibly a ski rack Cutting an Ikea foam mattress to lay over the seats. Cutting a plywood, plastic, or rubber panel to protect the seats for trips to the dump and Home Depot. Maybe also to support the foam mattress? Considering a wrap or Plasti Dip, as I am not to wild about the white paint. One issue I ran into right off the back was a loose piece of weather stripping that came off of the driver's side sliding door. There was no corresponding strip on the passenger's door so I am wondering if it is really needed. -Jason P.S. still work shopping the nickname Mr. Stay Puff