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  1. JohnnyB

    Comfort and noise on long trips?

    Yes, those are the factory Alloy 16" wheels, I appreciate everyones feedback, I added factory mud flaps since. got some Ceramic window tint for the front windows I need to install
  2. JohnnyB

    Comfort and noise on long trips?

    I appreciate everyones feedback, I finally bought one a 2017 XLT , loaded with upgrades, leather seats, Navigation, Blind spot sensors, very pleased with it so far.
  3. I was just told by a dealer that I couldn't test drive a Transit Connect due to an active recall, they didn't give me any info about the problem, anyone hear of this active recall
  4. JohnnyB

    Wax or Sealant

    I would use a polymer paint sealant, no wax needed, a polymer you can add layers, (wax does not adhere to wax), especially to the front end to help make it easy to wipe off, I use CarShow1 Paint sealant, 8 oz will last you a long time. https://www.amazon.com/CAR-SHOW-Polymer-Paint-Sealant-Made/dp/B010R2JCG8/ref=lp_13672569011_1_2?srs=13672569011&ie=UTF8&qid=1505425754&sr=8-2
  5. JohnnyB

    Comfort and noise on long trips?

    Appreciate all the feedback, Thank you folks. I used to have an Econoline (way back) and had custom captains chairs put it, it was like sitting in your living room chair. Not sure if captains chairs would fit in a TC.
  6. JohnnyB

    Comfort and noise on long trips?

    Hi Folks, I'm considering a TC, any feedback on the comfort of the seats on long trips? and noise level on the highway? I'd appreciate any of your feedback