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  1. Ok, it’s been awhile. Three more attempts by the dealer to fix the tranny and auto stop/start....In December they installed a brand new transmission and told me all was good to go... As I drove off the lot I found the auto stop thang was still not working! It is still intermittent, however a few days later NO REVERSE! Wtf? December 27 I contacted a lemon law lawyer. So on Monday they will advise me if they will accept my claim. Good luck to all of you who have this vehicle, as for me I’m done.
  2. Well, the dealer picked up my van last Thursday morning, brought it back Friday evening. Said it was good to go. Ok, I now have reverse back, however the auto stop/start doesn’t work... Since I don’t care about that feature, I’m inclined to just leave well enough alone. I think I need to give it some time.
  3. Yet another update... last month my Dealer called me and once again said Ford would not be building my newest order. No reason that he knew of, just not building it. I waited a couple of days and went into his Dealership. We sat down and started searching all over California for one similar to my order on a lot. He found ONE about 200 miles from us. It was close to the one I had ordered 5 months ago, just no glass in the sliding doors, no nav, but short wheel base! Apparently it had been ordered by a customer who wanted a long wheel base but this one was not. I asked my guy to see if it was available, it was, and I got it...still at my promised $500 under invoice. A week later, I attempted to back into my driveway...WTH? No reverse! The gear shift was in reverse, the dash readout showed reverse, but all I got was rpm’s. I shut it off, restarted it, and waalaa, reverse. Back to the dealer. Two hours later they called me...bad news. A module in the transmission was bad and would have to be replaced. Ok, it’s under warranty. Two weeks later now and we’re still waiting for Ford to send us a module. As a side note...this van has the “Auto/Stop” feature however if the driver wants to disable it, there is a button on the dash to do so. If you do disable it, that is when the transmission will not select reverse and you have to shut the vehicle off and restart it, then you have reverse. A glitch that Ford is aware of and is working on. I tell ya...I am losing faith in the Brand. Otherwise, I am enjoying the van as far as everything else goes. Good power, easy parking, good hauling capacity. I also have a number to a local company who installs windows in the sliding doors. standby for further updates...
  4. Update April 11, 2019 After waiting for seven months, my dealer called me with bad news. My Transit will not be built. They can’t get the Diesel engines! Right! ok, so I ordered another 2019, from a different dealer, but a cargo van, XLT with windows in the sliding doors and rear doors, SWB, gas engine, almost same as before...except this dealer offered me a deal: $500 under invoice. So maybe September or December? I always removed the second seat anyway in the passenger van, so no problem.
  5. As of today, I have a 2019 TC XLT, swb, diesel, symmetrical rear doors, on order. With: tow, cloth seats, mid overhead storage, driver assist, sync3 w/nav, anti theft, blis, power seat. Enough is enough! Invoice less incentives on delivery....they are guessing April-June. The diesel is the only option on swb. No rear symmetrical doors on Titanium’s. I hated my hatchback on my 2016 TC, just sayin’ Good luck to others who have ordered.

    Switching back door styles?

    Thanks for the reply Don. It looks to me like both styles have hinges that are bolted to the body. The liftgate on top, the barn doors on the sides. I'm still waiting to hear from my local Ford Dealer body shop...
  7. Have any of you folks checked into changing a liftgate to symmetrical (barn door) doors? Or done so? Any info appreciated...
  8. Installed a grab handle on my lift gate to assist in closing it. Works real well. I bought a handle from "attwood" item #2054-5, off Amazon for $13.00. It is attached using rivet nuts, and Philip head bolts, so if it has to be replaced, it will be very easy. The handle is for marine environments so should hold up well.

    HOWDY from the Central Coast of CA

    Don, good comments. I haven't tried to remove the rear seat as yet, but it's good to hear it is an easy operation. I am glad I waited for this SWB, after driving the RAM version I knew I wanted the short one in a Ford. Almost the same outside, but better inside. I sold the RAM in two days on AutoTrader! Sure, "Shorty" is good lookin' Don, but he is brand new after all. FDLFDC
  10. FDLFDC

    HOWDY from the Central Coast of CA

    Don, thank you from us, & Shorty! For a short lil guy, he sure can wag that tail!
  11. FDLFDC

    HOWDY from the Central Coast of CA

    Got it yesterday! Ordered Oct. 2016 Yes, it was almost six months, but now we are enjoying this mini van. Callin' him "Shorty"
  12. FDLFDC

    Hello from Santa Cruz, California

    BanzaiTree...Welcome to the forum, and hello from Watsonville! My 5 month wait is almost over to get my 2017 FTC XLT SWB in Silver. Look for me in and around S.C., I'm up ther now & again.. Good luck on your camper build. FDLFDC
  13. Someone told me that the 2017's would have a small storage compartment, with a lid, under where the front passenger rests their feet. Anyone know if this is true or not? FDLFDC
  14. FDLFDC

    HOWDY from the Central Coast of CA

    Coit Tower is quite stunning at night! Thanks for this!