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  1. I have a 16' TC LWB... I ordered "Skeeter Beaters" but the fit isn't all that great. Anyone else have a solution for keeping their front windows open when camping (not stealth) for the sake of ventilation.
  2. Daniel Eoin Duarte

    Purchasing a New 16TC - XLT

    I am fairly close to being done with my conversion... will share images as soon as I upload them to my computer!
  3. Daniel Eoin Duarte

    Purchasing a New 16TC - XLT

    Thanks for that, greatly appreciated. Good news, found a nice deal on a 2016 XL LWB with pretty basic features: Cloth Seats Passenger and Rear Glass Security Glass Otherwise, thats it... pretty stripped down. Not even a CD player, what the heck is a CD anyway? lol Once again, the Jeep came in with an insane trade in (my second time trading in a wrangler) so my payments went from 280 with the Jeep to 166 on the Transit. A real life saver for my wife and I, considering I am a full time (key, non-working) graduate student. Picking her up Friday, excited!
  4. Daniel Eoin Duarte

    Purchasing a New 16TC - XLT

    Thanks! I'll have to look for that now.
  5. Daniel Eoin Duarte

    Purchasing a New 16TC - XLT

    Thanks for the replies. Now starts the long and arduous process of planning this build. I'd like to build a platform to have a bed sit perhaps 6 inches off the floor for the sake of storage below. My wife and I are short, I'm 5'7 she's 5'.
  6. Hey all, new member here... First post. I've been a Jeep guy for my adult life. First a Cherokee, then two brand new Wranglers (2010 / 2015). I've been fortunate enough for the last 4 years or so to have a zero mile commute. This changed this year as I shifted my career, entered graduate school, and became an educator with a commute. My local Ford dealer offered me 23K trade in on my 2015 Wrangler with roughly 27k miles on it. That's a great value and a wonderful aspect of the Jeep (specifically wrangler brand). I paid 24 for the car. I want to order a 16TC XLT but am undecided on a wagon vs van. I don't have kids, nor is that the plan with my wife for any foreseeable future. We are in our late 20's/30's and since we are both educators we have a significant amount of time in the summer to travel. Could you drop the seats and be able to sleep on top of them? Or just purchase the van and build a nice elevated sleeping platform with storage below. Curious if any other campers / travelers are using and their rationale.
  7. Daniel Eoin Duarte

    Welcome, Daniel Eoin Duarte

    Thanks for having me, looking forward to starting this adventure.