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  1. I have the factory remote start installed and neither the unlock buttons on the key nor the FORD wireless entry pad will unlock the vehicle when it has been started remotely. You must use the key to unlock the door. Dunno if this info helps you make a decision but here you go. -Matt
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    November 2012

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    Ham, CB or business radio

    Thanks for the info. I will be ordering mine soon! -Matt
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    New TC owner in MD.

    Hello everybody. I picked up my TC about a month ago and have already started MODing it. Mounted a Scangauge II, debadged entire vehicle, added wireless entry pad to drivers door and tinted front and rear lower side reflectors. I came from a heavily MODed 2005 Silverado quad cab so I am already making lists of what will be next. I will post some pictures soon. I look forward to picking some brains and helping out where I can. -Matt
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    Ham, CB or business radio

    103west43rd can you DM me the part number for the Euro brake light or reply to this post with it? Much appreciated.