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  1. Anyone know of a way to silence the chime when keys are left in the ignition?
  2. I still have my original rims & caps taking up space. 12/8/10 First $50.00 gets them. Boston/Metro West pick up 508-314-4167
  3. Do you happen to know if the retainers/anchors are available to order? Or do they only come with the mat?
  4. The rubber floor mats drivers side have holes/ mounting points on the rear edges. Anyone know if there is a mount/piece part available to secure these mats? Seems like they would after Toyota's problems.
  5. If Ford is committed to it's future it should have a robust and adaptable interface for all cell phones. I'm amazed they leave this important feature to the DYI's to work out. The whole marketing package is "close but no cigar" in my opinion. They should be more proactive & current with the audio/all options. They should follow Apples lead and innovate or end up like the Zune. Do the right thing and lead with smart and affordable products. They have a great opportunity to gain respect and market share and are hitting it rather flat footed. Our whole world is teetering on the "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" questions. I feel that we owe it to the future to "Do It and give it our Best, for the Future" LEAD
  6. BMcP

    Camping modifications

    For an off the shelf starting set I'm looking at http://www.kelty.com/p-125-carport-deluxe-large.aspx and http://www.truckairbedz.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=1_6_33&products_id=28 I need to contact them and see the the Ranger & Transit sizes match. It get's pricey.......
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    Houston must have sucked if fading in the rearview @ 92 mph didn't work. How about rockets bolted to the sides? Slow down and enjoy, fast isn't always best.
  8. I found MSW Type 14 Silver on sale at the Tire Rack and figured what the hell whiles it's new.... I think they look great, good match and price. I'll post a pic soon. Any way, who needs 4 original wheels and caps? Would $200 be fair I live close to Boston
  9. Hi, I just got a new Transit XLT that I plan to use it for my carpentry business and as a sport hauler. It's so new to this area, that very little information is available. I did set up a Thule roof rack system for my Transit that looks good and should work well. (I use this site http://www.saabnet.com/index.html for information when dealing with my Saab.) I hope this site grows and becomes the Go To Site for Transit information. I'll spread the word So far no complaints, I'm impressed with performance and practically. 22 mpg on 1st tank BMcP