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  1. Hello all, I just purchased a 2010 Transit Connect last month and am not very happy with the way my iPhone works with the 6000CD unit via bluetooth. I have been searching this forum and others and found very little feedback, so let me ask some questions here: 1. Is the 6000CD a new unit for TC or is it in other Ford models? 1a. Does it have upgradeable firmware that could improve bluetooth compatibility with Iphone? 2. I have an iPhone 3GS with latest firmware. It is paired and in/out calling works fine. Directory syncs (although I don't care for that feature) and voice dial also work (although I would rather use the iPhone voice dialer). Every time I turn the car on it automatically starts playing a podcast on my iPhone through "Ford Audio" bluetooth. It doesn't play anything across the stereo though. Also, it is quite annoying to automatically start playing every time I turn on the car because then all my podcasts seem to be listened to already.. 3. OK #2 wasn't a question. Has anyone else here successfully played audio on their iPhone through the 6000CD? 4. Does anyone here have the same issue with music automatically starting to play? 5. Is this 6000CD anything like Ford SYNC or is it a different beast? 6. Most BT handsfree units let you press the phone answer/hangup button to initiate voice dial over the device (iPhone) This unit doesn't do that. Thanks in advance and feel free to answer any and all that you can. Brandon
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    Hello all, just got a new TC last month. It is our first work van and was much needed. I like it mostly except for the iPhone/6000CD integration. Off to post about that now.. Brandon