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  1. I have seen a lot of posts about traction control light and the ABS light so I thought I would share all the details about my problem and the fix. Traction Control and ABS lights would come on and stay on. Sometimes after the van was started, the lights would be off but then they would come back on after it had been driven a few hundred feet. Before the lights came on when you pressed the brake pedal you could feel the ABS working then the lights would come on. There were no codes stored in the ECU. First thing we thought was the sensor was bad. Bob checked the sensor and found no reading. If he messed with the cable he could get a reading, so the problem was a broken wire within the cable (keep reading, this is not the whole solution). You could not tell visually that there was any problem. Bob replaced the sensor with a Ford Focus (it fits) sensor and he could get a reading, but the problem continued. After he hooked it up to his computer and drove around, he could see that the sensor would read the correct speed and then every once in a while show 14mph. He ordered a new bearing and new sensor. I have attached a photo of the bearing. There is a magnetic ring on the bearing that is used by the sensor to determine the wheel speed. You will see in the photo that this ring is chewed up and in a couple of places torn off. He put the new bearing on and everything works correctly. HERE IS THE PROBLEM: This bearing is really not shielded well from the inside of the hub/wheel. Clearly something got into this area and chewed it up, so I would caution all of you to drive carefully/slowly on gravel roads, etc. There really is not a good way to check this without taking it completely apart. I guess the best think to do is hook it up to a computer and check the readings while you are driving. If you see something that is not consistent, then you probably have abad magnetic ring on the bearing. I hope this helps you guys that are having the problem or those that will have this problem. We spent a lot of time on this trying to figure it out. Sunny
  2. Hi Guys, I made a video this am that you can check out. Turbo Transit Video. Here is another Turbo Transit Connect 2 On a side note, Randy at FSWERKS made an adjustment to the shift points on the transmission and this has made a HUGE difference. It always seemed like it was jamming itself into 3rd gear regardless of the throttle position. The van is very drivable now. I think this would make a big difference even for non-turbo vans so I recommend to everyone that you get with Randy to get this mod. As always, I owe thanks to Bob@Autobahnpower. -Sunny
  3. sunnysmith

    Turbo Update

    All, First, my apologies for being remiss on giving an update earlier! Three months ago during a torrential rain storm, I was driving down the highway and blew the motor. Specifically, a connecting rod broke and punched a bunch of holes in the engine block. I initially thought that we were just running too much boost, but I later learned the truth.... The intake is lower to the ground in the turbo config. I have never owned a turbo car before and it did not connect in my mind that 10psi boost is also 10psi vacuum at the intake. I was driving through standing water at 70 mph hydroplaning a bit here and there. What I did not realize was that I was soaking the air filter with water. Eventually water go into the intake and the motor hydro-locked. We found small amounts of water in the intercooler (bad). SO, blown motor, what to do? Buy a new one. We found a really nice motor with very low miles for $700.00. You should all note that these motors are a dime a dozen on eBay. You can find them as cheap as $400. We paid $700 to an outfit that was closer. Long store short, Bob rebuilt the Duratech. I think he may be one of the few people that has done a full rebuild on one. It now has all forged internals and has been bored and balanced. You could balance a coin on edge on the motor while it is idling. It is a thing of beauty. I just got it back yesterday, but the motor is night and day different. The new motor feels so much more solid and doesn't fell like it is working at all. Here is some advice that I would give you all after having been through all of this... Turbocharge it with the FSWERKS kit. Get an electronic boost controller and cap the boost at 7 psi. Have fun. Do not do anything else and it will last forever. After having looked at the stock internals, Bob really believes that 7 is the limit. Randy has run a lot of motors higher, but I think 7 is practical since most of you are using these for work vehicles. -Sunny
  4. sunnysmith

    Transmission Cooler

    Have you seen high transmission temperatures or are you just concerned? We added a second cooler out of prudence and the max temps I have seen are about 150 and that is flogging it with more power than it was designed.
  5. I can't speak to your tire issue since I am running Goodyear Eagle GTs, but the brakes are a common complaint. We changed the pads to a different compound and I think they work much better, plus there isn't as much dust.
  6. sunnysmith

    Performance Upgrades ?

    With the current FSWERKS setup I am not sure where we are at on HP, but it is probably above 200. Once we have the electronic boost controller in we can push it more, but even where it is, the van is awesome. I've put 500 miles on it since the install and have been driving a little more spirited now and then. Most people that I take for a ride just smile and laugh. They can't believe it. The van is a real contradiction. You hear the big turbo whoosh and it puts you back in your seat a little bit. I think the real value of the turbo comes out on the highway. Its not a sports car, but it is drivable and you can cruise at 80mph in the wind with no problems. As for the transmission... With the extra cooler on it, I have not seen temps above 150. Granted, the highest outside temp has been 90, so it will be interesting to see what happens this summer. I don't feel that I am abusing it really..
  7. sunnysmith

    Audio options ?

    We put the Boss under the passenger seat. It fits *SNUG*. Sounds good.
  8. sunnysmith

    FSWERKS Turbo

    The FSWERKS cost was about $4,000. That is for the complete kit including everything that we needed. Some of the piping had to be changed because the fitment is not the same as the Focus. I had so many things done on this round that I can't tell you the exact labor cost. It was a good 2-3 days of labor, but some of that time was spent because it was a 'first'. Now that it has been done and is known, it would be easier. I really can't explain how awesome it is though. The van is really zippy and just drives really nice. My wife drives a new Suburban and it is a dog compared to the van, whereas before, the van was the slow one.
  9. sunnysmith

    FSWERKS Turbo

    I got a question about the exhaust, so I wanted to let everyone know what we did. We replaced the cat with a high-flow cat. The rest of the exhaust is 2.5" with a Borla muffler. It sounds really nice. I think most people are shocked/confused. They see the van, but they hear something else!
  10. sunnysmith

    FSWERKS Turbo

    Hi Guys, THE TURBO IS DONE! I've actually been driving it a couple of days and it is pretty neat. My overriding impression is that the turbo actually makes the van drivable. I can cruise down the highway at 75 with the cruise control and use between 2 and 5 pounds of boost. It doesn't down shift all the time like it used to. I can merge into highway traffic WITHOUT FEAR!!! Now, you cannot get on it in first or second gears. Its all over the place. The gearing is so low and even with the new tires, its just too much power/torque. Top gears are nice though, so 1/2 throttle through 1st and 2nd and then wot in 3rd and 4th. We added another transmission cooler so the van now has 2. With an outside airtemp of 85, the highest the transmission temperature reached was 125. After some 'normal' driving, the temp returned to 100 after a few minutes. I thing the transmission is going to survive. I don't flog it and I try to work with it so I am not abusing it. You can turn the overdrive off and just power out in third gear. Great fun! There van is speed limited to 90, but I am sure it could go must faster. We are going to switch to an electronic boost controller. Bob turned the manual controller (comes with kit) all the way down because we were seeing big spikes. With the new controller, we should be able to stay around 10psi (7-8 now) without spikes. This should make another 30hp available. I would recommend this to you guys. If you use the van as a work vehicle, it actually makes it much more usable. I only drove it for a few days before it went in for the turbo, but it was frustrating and even scary (merging) sometimes. The van is actually really cool now!
  11. Here is a pic of the window tint. We are going to remove the bottom piece of tint.
  12. sunnysmith

    Transit Tire Pressure Sensor!?

    Here is what I did: PVC TPMS Containers You can't pull the fuse because there are so many other important things on the circuit. I built two containers. One for the front sensors and one for the rear (different pressures).
  13. We tinted the top 6" of the window and the bottom 6". I didn't like the way the bottom looked, so we are going to take it off. The top looks really nice though. I will try to get a pic to you.
  14. sunnysmith

    Pls Help Identify Exhaust Component

    It's a cat.
  15. sunnysmith

    Lug Nut Warning!

    Hi Guys, When he was replacing the wheels, Bob noticed a major problem with the existing lug nuts: Look at this Picture The lug on the left is the one that came on and the lug on the right is one from BBS. The threads on the left lug do not extend all the way to the end. There is very little thread being used, and the threads in several lugs had started to fail. I am not sure if these lugs are stock or not, but they are the ones that came on it from the dealer. This is a dangerous situation. If the lugs fail, you could be in great peril. I urge all of you to pull one lug off your van and just check it to make sure it isn't like this. If it is, you should replace them. -Sunny