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UK mirror installed on my US Transit Connect

UK style outside mirror with flat and convex glass and manual remote, installed on my 2010 Transit Connect that came with mirrors with no remote.

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So who did you order these through? I was thinking about doing it through Ebay but I was unsure if it would bolt on or if there was a different mounting plate installed on UK transits? So it popped right into the US mirror plate?

I have power mirrors I wonder if the harness would plug in?

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I purchased my UK mirrors from eBay UK. It took at least ten attempts from various sellers to get two that would sell to the US. The mounting plate to the door from 2003 forward is the same, UK or US. There are a few items you should know before trying a mirror swap. The bottom convex glass is fixed in place for the proper "blind spot" view for drivers sitting on the RIGHT side. The right side mirror I bought was a perfect plug and play, five minutes and it was installed. The blind spot glass did not need to be changed. The left side was not as easy. You will have to remove the glass and change its angle, or change the angle the entire mirror mounts to the door bracket to be usable from our LEFT side driving position. I changed the mounting angle. Why the right side did not need any surgery on the blind spot glass or mounting angle, I do not know. As for the harness, this is just a guess, but I think they match. If not, rewiring is simple compared to changing that bottom glass! One more thing, I priced new mirrors (manual) from a UK Ford dealer by way of Germany (so the bottom glass works for driving position on the left side). Both sides plus shipping cost $310. If you have it in the budget, that is the way to go. Of course, the electric mirrors would cost more. Then it would be plug and play. Hope my info helps. Good Luck.

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Thats great info! I didn't think of the mirror glass issue. If I go that way I'll order them from France. Je parle un peu de francais, they drive on the right side of the road.

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103west..... can you please show us HOW TO.. how did you 'change the mounting angle'??

Im going to do this too.. my mirrors are just too darn small...

Did you use a wedge? or shims?? thanks...

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Jim, my pleasure to give you more details.

It starts with the fact that all out side mirrors will bend toward the door if hit with some force.

They are designed to protect pedestrians.

The top larger mirror flat is adjustable, the bottom smaller convex mirror is not.Since I needed to move the mirror angle closer to the door, I first gave it a shove and adjusted it so the view of the bottom convex mirror was where I wanted.

There are then two ways to proceed.

You can fix the mirror in the new position and loose the safety movement ability (the easy way), or, you can modify the swivel joint between the mirror assembly and the mount on the door (much harder).

I first tried the easy way.

Look under the joint. You will see a circular cover plate. it has two slots 180 degrees apart. Insert a small flat blade screwdriver to release the plate and pull it down and off. Use the slot that is closest to the door.

The joint is held together with three screws. After moving the mirror to its new position, drill two starter holes between any two of the screws and screw in sheet metal screws to lock the joint in place. Snap the cover plate back in place and you are done. Should take 15 minutes.

I left the mirror like that for a few weeks, but to lose the safety factor bothered me so I finally went with the hard way.

Take the cover plate off and remove the three screws holding the two assemblies together.

You will then see that when the mirror assembly swivels it acctually moves up on two small ramps built into the joint on the lower section.

Using a Dremel cuting wheel, I cut a small portion of the ramps away, only about an eighth of an inch, this allows the mirror to be re-assembled in the new position perserving the safety ability. Instead of just drilling new holes and using machine screws to put it back together, I noticed the mirror assembly portion of the joint has more than three tapped holes for assembly. I then drilled three new holes in the bottom joint, all an eight inch on center from the existing holes to match up with the new position of the top(mirror) joint. The existing machine screws could now be reused.

Take care, and good luck.

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Zepper... have you had any luck in locating from the French?? the Euro Mirrors for our transit connect that are built for out USA driving lanes?? thanks.. Jim

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and 103west 43rd st.. thanks for the details on your conversion.. Very nice job.... too bad it's beyond me to do that..

I will hire you to mod mine though.. let me know if you'de like to earn some side ca$h.. thanks Jim

thanks again for your insite on the euro mirror mods..

good job!

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