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Mobile Bicycle Mechanic writing from Annapolis Maryland

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Hello Transit Connect forum,


This is Eric & I'm writing from Annapolis Maryland. I'm a business owner  looking for a second vehicle for my mobile bicycle repair service. The Transit Connect has appealed to me for a while now and I've joined this forum to get access to all the nitty gritty details, mods and become a bit more inspired regarding the potential possibilities this van has to offer.

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Welcome!  Love my 2016 TC wagon.  It hauls pretty much everything from my scooter to my mother-in-law to my twin grandkids.  I have the Titanium version with 6 passenger leather seats - got a good deal on it.  While I cannot stand up in it, the headroom is fantastic particularly considering the exterior size.  Doesn't feel as small as it is and actually handles pretty well for a van.  I routinely take out the third row seats which gives a bit more vertical space.  When hauling my scooter (265 pounds 110CC) it makes loading easier.  Recently went to the beach for a couple of weeks (in mid summer the beaches near Sarasota are pretty empty during the week so no trouble even on weekends with social distancing).  Pretty well loaded with my wife and I and mother-in-law.  Area behind middle row was loaded within a foot of the top.  My gravel road bike was on top of the piled to take both wheels off but it rode very easily there - I did put a strap around the wheels and fame as a restraint just in case of an accident the bicycle would not come forward.  Mother-in-law has very bad arthritis and is just able to walk with a walker.  The seat height in the TC is perfect for her, she doesn't have to climb up or sit down - just ease into the seat.  It goes down the interstate nicely although in hilly terrain it likes to downshift.  LOL Used to take the grandkids to preschool and pick them up and sometimes picked them up from kindergarten.  The TC confounds most folks helping with loading and unloading the twins as the doors are not power operated!  I even had to explain to one 6th grader how to open the door.  :-)


As a bicycle mechanic I would think a cargo version would be nice as you could put a bicycle rack in the back to hold several bikes as well as a hitch mounted rack.  As you can find out from threads on this site, there is not a lot of difference between the cargo version and the wagon (people hauler).  Most folks with the cargo version seem to like the windows in the sliding doors for visibility.  Personally I prefer the rear lift gate to the doors as it give a place out of the rain when up.  I would also recommend the Sync 3 system for the convince of having handsfree phone capability and Apple CarPlay or the Android version are nice for navigation.  I take long solo motorcycle trips and cell service is not perfect in some remote areas and I like having a GPS based navigation system.  A Garmin works well also.   Note that the rear hitch is only rated for 200 ponds of tongue weight.  There has been a lot of debate on here about that and my best guess is the hitch may hold more but the gross vehicle weight is the bigger issue and there limits the towing capability and tong weight.  I have the factory hitch and will not exceed the 200 pound weight limit.  Aftermarket hitches are readily available and easy to install.  I like the factory hitch as it comes with the trailer lights controller already installed and if you have the rear sensors there is a button to silence them when towing.


I'm super happy with my TC and would buy it again.

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